CNN believing this “Faux-Bama” video will damage Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, only shows just how out of touch with reality the Clown News Network has become.

Sorry CNN, but after watching the “Faux-Bama” video, I support Our President even more!

In 2012, Before Donald Trump ever sought the Oval Office, The RNC hired a “Faux-Bama” actor to participate in a video that spoofed Donald Trump’s hit NBC television show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.

In the video, Donald Trump is belittling “Faux-Bama” for his lies, false promises, and his stagnant economy.

After Trump rhetorically asks Faux-Bama, “And you want another 4-years?‘ Donald J. Trump then fires Obama’s worthless Presidential ass.

CNN’s Faux-Bama Is Faux-News

In 2013 Breitbart was able to secure a copy of the obscure parody video which reportedly cost $100,000 to make, and was apparently shot for the 2012 Republican convention but was never shown at the event.

Hysterically, The Clown News Network is touting this as a “Breaking News” story, despite Breitbart posting it online over SEVEN-YEARS-AGO.

CNN, shockingly, obtained a copy of convicted perjurer, and current jailbird Michael Cohen’s book ahead of its Tuesday publication which contained a screenshot from the video.

Cohen is the disgraced former lawyer of President Donald Trump, who has authored a tell-all book promising readers insight into how bad and unfit for office his former boss is.

Of course, Cohen couldn’t produce even one bombshell moment during his hours-long congressional testimony that was aired live to the nation.

What is the most telling about Cohen’s book is, despite CNN having an advance copy of Cohen’s fantasy, their biggest bombshell takeaway was this video?

The White House dismissed Cohen’s idiocy as “fan fiction” by a convicted liar trying to cash in on past ties with the president. But with the genre of Trump-bashing prose as popular as ever, ‘Disloyal: A Memoir,’ is pretty much a guaranteed bestseller.

Twitter Demands The Clown News Network Look Even More Clownish

Leftist twittering twits outraged that Donald Trump had the audacity to poke fun at their beloved messiah. Now are begging CNN to track down ‘Faux-Bama,’ get him to break his non-disclosure agreement that I’m sure he had to sign, so he could provide more TMZ-like details.

Umm, like what? What additional dirt could ‘Faux-Bama’ possibly add?

‘Trump really hated Obama, before we even started shooting the video, Donald was making fun of Barack, even going so far as calling him a “Loser,” and “The Worst President Ever”.’