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CNN fake news’ ass-kissing Democrat apologist Brian Stelter lambast the alternative first amendment loving social media platform Parler, which has exploded in popularity recently with Americans who are fighting back against Facebook and Twitter censoring conservative stories, and website such as TuskerDaily.

It’s hilarious watching the utter lack of self-awareness emanating from CNN’s bulbous hall monitor Brian Stelter as he whines about people going into their own partisan bubbles.

Brian Stelter exhibits CNN’s hallmark lack of self-awareness.

As Brian Steleter whined about Conservatives joining a free speech social media platform to circumvent the Mainstream Media and Big Tech censorship.

He, of course, ignored the fact that his own CNN has devolved into a disinformation channel complicit in some of the most damaging fake news stories of the past decade.

Stelter declined to mention that Parler’s new audience had signed up for the platform because of pervasive censorship, simply claiming that they wanted a “safe space.”

Conservatives have flocked to Parler since the election, finally fed up with Facebook, and Twitter’s pervasive tactics of left-wing censorship and bias.

Parler has added more millions of users since the 2020 presidential election was stolen by Stelter and his media cohorts.

Yes, I understand the winner of the 2020 Presidential election remains in dispute, but how many truly believe that truth will prevail?

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