CNN host Chris Cuomo got utterly demolished by Georgia election official as he tried to push his Trump / Republican conspiracy about the GOP trying to disenfranchise minority Democrat voters.

Georgia’s primary election on Tuesday was a disaster, to put it mildly.

Compounding the long delays in voting was, in no particular order:

  • The coronavirus pandemic.
  • Brand new voting machines.
  • Not enough polling place workers.
  • New polling place hires not having received enough training.
  • Schools, and other facilities that typically served as polling places, were closed due to COVID-19.

Of course, instead of doing their due diligence. The liberal-bias media, and uneducated dweebs like Chris Cuomo, reacted by screaming ‘Orange Man Bad,’ crying racism and grabbing the low hanging fruit of voter suppression.

But, while Chris Cuomo was whining about those evil racist Republican’s he got schooled by Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, who took “Fredo” to the woodshed and gave him a proper whippin’ with facts.

Fredo began the segment by lashing out at President Trump for opposing mail-in voting.

While calling for his producers to keep the video loop of the long lines that affected Georgia’s primary voting, Cuomo ranted:

“Here is the tragedy of the travesty that the President has created on this issue: We have real voter suppression concerns. One is playing out now. Proof,” 

“This is the only type of widespread voter fraud we will ever see.”

Of course, Cuomo, just like every democrat, is long on spewing charges of right-wing racism, but short on actual facts to back up their mental midget idiocy.

Luckily, facts were something that Sterling was able to supply “Fredo” with an abundance of.

Chris Cuomo tries walking back his idiocy, by claiming ‘I’m being fair and want to present facts’.

Chis “Fredo” Cuomo is such a imbecilic transparent uneducated race-baiting moron.

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