Wednesday’s handoff between Chris Cuomo’s PrimeTime and Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight started out as with their typical Trump-Hating TDS banter.

But before long the two egregious hosts went right down the rabbit hole ranting about how the police treat African Americans and how white people should be more receptive of their angst.

Then the Clown News Network liberal loony-toons really went off the rails when Don Lemon, blamed the death of George Floyd on President Trump.

Lemon started his TDS Tirade by urging viewers to imagine if it were their friend who had been killed by a police officer that way, to have more empathy, and to speak out.

But it took a decidedly political turn when Lemon accused President Trump of being an influence of the egregious Police Officer’s actions.

As we have stated in an earlier story. We saw no reason why that officer should have had his knee on George Floyd’s neck since he was handcuffed and posed no danger to the Police officers, or himself.

But to declare his actions were racially motivated is something only an investigation can determine.

As far as Don Lemon accusing President Trump of providing the motivation for the death of George Floyd. I won’t even waste a second doing my typical due diligence.

I’m quite certain Don Lemon never linked Obama or Biden to the killing of Eric Garner in New York City, or Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, or any other incident where a white cop killed a black man.

Even though during the Obama – Biden administration, there were so many of these events that we witnessed the birth of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, and a summers worth of rioting in every major city in America.

But as usual, because it didn’t fit CNN’s TDS agenda, Don Lemon skipped right past the Obama – Biden obvious link to a story involving a white Cop killing a black man.

Even though they have absolutely nothing in common, Don Lemon comically tried linking President Trump to the situation in New York City’s Central Park in which a white woman falsely accused a black man of chasing her. Which had him squealing: ‘the cops would believe her over him.’

Wait. What? 

How in the hell does an unbalanced dog owner in NYC, have anything to do with a cop putting a knee on George Floyd’s neck in Minnesota?

To show what a complete Schiffshow CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have become.

Chris Cuomo then declared that people on the right would be all-in for gun control if it were African Americans going out a buying AR-15’s to protest like those in Michigan had.

I won’t waste my readers time commenting on that bit of imbecilic liberal logic because it’s not only ludicrous, it’s repugnant.

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Via Newsbusters

And if and Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and any other CNN host want to insanely claim that Trump’s supposed actions are driving a wedge between black and white communities.

Then maybe they need to go out and purchase a mirror so they can clearly see their hypocritical hysterics.

Long before Donald Trump became President, and ironically with America having a Black man occupying the oval office for the first time.

It was CNN that was driving their ‘America Is Racist’ agenda train right off the tracks by having their so-called “unbiased” news hosts displaying ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ and “I Can’t Breath’ placards.


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