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Even CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, who is definitely no friend of Trump, is admitting that his competent lawyers are making the case and they’re winning on acquittal.

Anchor Wolf Blitzer went to chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin first as Saturday’s session closed, suggesting that what the White House lawyers presented would be helpful to any “wavering” Republican senators in deciding to avoid additional witnesses or evidence.

Toobin replied that he’s not sure there are any wavering Republicans, but said that “certainly there was information put forth today that would allow Republicans to vote against witnesses and to vote for an acquittal. I mean that’s what defense lawyers do.”

He addressed a specific point from one attorney on addressing when Ukraine knew aid was cut off, saying the attorney was “persuasive on that point.”

CNN’s Preet Bharara argued that the Trump team’s decision to go with a shorter, faster opening on Saturday was not a mistake but the wise move, with which Jeffrey Toobin agreed.

“If you’re winning, shut up,” said Toobin. “That’s I think a guiding principle of what they’re doing.”
A few minutes later, host Anderson Cooper brought up the question of why the Trump team didn’t make the case against Joe Biden or offer any alternative lines of attack, Toobin again essentially said that you don’t do that when you’re ahead.

“I just think, you know, the Republicans are winning here, the President is winning here,” he said. “As long as they don’t completely fall on their faces, which they’re all competent lawyers, they’re not gonna do that — I think that’s fine for them.”

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