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CNN’s beleaguered media show “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter hit an embarrassing new low on Dec. 22, when it averaged only 85,000 viewers among a key age group.

Stelter regularly touts the significance of the news demographic of adults age 25-54 but the dismal performance marked his lowest viewership of 2019 in the category.

Among the demo, “Reliable Sources” averaged only 167,000 viewers during 2019 compared to 227,000 for “Media Buzz” prior to the Dec. 29 episodes.

The 2019 demo low of “Reliable Sources” on Dec. 22 occurred on the same day that “Media Buzz” topped its yearly demo viewership, averaging 298,000 age 25-54 viewers for its third-best performance of the year, indicating the holiday season is not what kept viewers away from CNN.

Stelter, the “Reliable Sources” host who also pens a media newsletter by the same name, has pivoted from straight news about journalism to focusing on President Trump. Earlier this month, Stelter was mocked for tweeting “journalists shouldn’t advocate for an outcome” when it comes to impeachment, as he has been among the outspoken media members who openly criticize Trump on a regular basis.

Stelter has repeatedly criticized Trump and members of his administration, often questioning Trump’s mental health and fitness for office.

Back in August he was condemned for blaming technical issues for staying quiet when a guest said Trump is responsible for more deaths than brutal dictators Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.

FOX News, Russian Bots, Orange Man Bad…Oh, My!

Brian Stelter routinely attacks Fox News for their supposed skewing of news, like when they had the audacity to cover the Wikileaks Hillary Clinton email dump, but failed to cover the infamous “Dossier”.

But like the bulbous headed hypocrite weasel he is, Stelter somehow omitted that ABC News spiked a story about convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein from his year-end list of top media stories and has oddly downplayed the scandal altogether.


The thin skinned Whalelephant routinely cries whenever anyone calls him out.

When Fox News host Tucker Carlson sent a box of Dunkin’ donuts to CNN’s resident ass-kissing apologist, Stelter immediately cried Carlson had Fat-Shamed him.

Just yesterday CNN’s Brian Stelter took to Twitter to announce he had written another 1,500 words in his “Dear Diary” book about how Fox News was celebrating its record-high viewership in the network’s 23-year history

Stelter promised his 3 viewers (His Mom not included) how he’s going to get to the bottom of why Fox News, in partnership with President Trump, is thrashing his Clown News Network in the ratings.


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