Was Abraham Lincoln A Racist? CNN was blasted for pushing their Clown News Network clickbait conspiracy theory with its deep dive into whether the great emancipator was an intolerant bigot — and concluding that the answer is “complicated.

Of course, only CNN, and far-left radical liberals find the answer ‘complicated,’ because, for the other 99% of America, it’s emphatically “NO“.

CNN’s lengthy “analysis” was published Sunday under the headline “Did Black lives matter to Abraham Lincoln? It’s complicated” and penned by enterprise reporter John Blake.

This mentally challenged drivel delves into the 16th president’s “complex and evolving” legacy, noting that in recent years, Honest Abe’s perception of black and Native Americans has been called into question.

Blake writes in his article, which coincides with CNN’s six-part podcast series on Lincoln’s legacy.

“If some of Lincoln’s public utterances about Blacks were retweeted today, he would have been canceled on social media and likely run out of office,”

Of course, CNN conveniently left out the fact that the only people claiming Honest Abe didn’t care about Blacks were San Fransico’s radical leftist School Board and the Black Lives Matter organization.

CNN’s ‘Was Abraham Lincoln A Racist?’ Clickbait Reporting

CNN’s clickbait piece was bashed by political satirist Tim Young, who accused the network of trying to save its dwindling viewership since President Donald Trump left office by finding “a new boogeyman.”

“CNN is officially jumping the shark with this new take that Lincoln was a racist — which is the final nail in the coffin for them being able to call themselves a news organization — now they’re just clickbait conspiracy theories,”

Young told Fox News. “Anything for a buck, including calling the president who ended slavery racist.

Way to prove why no one should ever believe a thing that’s ever on your network.”

Blake’s piece examines “why some say Lincoln was a racist” — noting that the president who abolished slavery in 1863 “used the N-word and told racist jokes.”

Blake writes, ‘But in some circles (only the ones occupied by leftist) ‘Honest Abe’ is increasingly becoming Racist Abe,’

“He once said that Black people were inferior to Whites and he liked minstrel shows. He proposed ending slavery by shipping willing Black people back to Africa.”

Liberal Logic At Its Finest: Abe Lincoln, The Great Emancipator Who Freed Blacks from Bondage…Is A Racist!

As TuskerDaily reported in 2020, Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA rioters toppled statues of Lincoln and/or cities including Portland and Boston into removing them in their fight against insane war to end America’s supposed ‘White Supremacy’.

Read our story here: BLM Declares On Thursday They’ll Tear Down The Lincoln Emancipation Memorial Statue Paid By Free Slaves

BLM Declares On Thursday They'll Tear Down The Lincoln Emancipation Memorial Statue Paid By Free Slaves



Last year, TuskerDaily reported on a number of occasions Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco school board voting to scrub Abraham Lincoln’s name from a High School over his treatment of Natives.

Luckily, clear-thinking residents forced the leftist school board, to reverse their idiocy.

CNN Being As Consistent As Ever

Not surprisingly, CNN’s article also offers views on why Lincoln wasn’t a racist, noting that he was the first commander-in-chief to invite black people to the White House and his friendship with abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

One leading historian on Lincoln and the Civil War told Blake he’s never described the former president as a “racist” but said he did share “some of the prejudices of his time.”

“Was Lincoln an anti-racist? No, not really,” Eric Foner says in the piece. “Was he an egalitarian in the modern sense?” No. Race was not a major concern of Lincoln.

“He [Lincoln] didn’t think about race very much. To ask if he’s a racist is the wrong question. And if you ask the wrong question, you’re going to get the wrong answer.”

Dan Gainor, vice president of Media Research Center, also blasted CNN’s piece for forgetting that Lincoln’s “No. 1 job was ensuring [the country] stayed united” through the Civil War.

“CNN isn’t satisfied trying to destroy the Party of Lincoln, now the network and its leftist buddies want to destroy Lincoln himself,”

Gainor told Fox News. “This isn’t just historical revisionism. This is a complete rewrite of history by radicals who want to embrace the anti-American lunacy of The New York Times 1619 Project.”

CNN showed why they earned their Clown News Network Moniker.

Just two weeks ago CNN’s ‘Reality Check’ host John Avlon took a look at the history of the Emancipation Memorial of former President Abraham Lincoln and why the cancel culture warriors needed to rethink their mental midget beliefs on why it should be torn down. CNN's John Avlon Reality Check

Of course, as you watch his report, you’ll clearly see why TuskerDaily has labeled Avlon ‘CNN’s Democrat Water Boy’.

Avlon’s script uses phrasing like ‘The Cancel Culture panic on The Right‘ and his conveniently leaving out the word “Democrat” when he mentions DC Delegate, Elenore Holmes Norton.

Needless to say, in this report when Avlon says “We” he actually means “Democrats.”

But all of this comes as no shock since, for years, TuskerDaily has been reporting that John Avlon’s “Reality Check” scripts seem to have been sent directly from the DNC offices.

Putting all that aside, watch CNN arguing against CNN’s latest clickbait deep dive into whether Abraham Lincoln was a racist.


  1. To racist people, everything is racist. Lincoln was more interested is getting soldiers to help fight for the union army that freeing slaves. Lincoln was also homosexual. Joshua Fry Speed was the object of ‘Ol Abes frequent sordid desires. Mary Lincoln was the diversion that kept rumors about his sexuality at bay. Google it

  2. Seems that only true Democrats are racist. You can tell b their organizations, KKK, BLM, Antifa, OWS, etc.. Of course the Democrats did silence Lincoln.

  3. I believe you Bruce, there is too much of not taking someone at their word. It does fit for all Lincoln’s wrestling matches. He thought blacks weren’t equal to whites, I think some are, some are better, and many are worse. The opposite is true also. The thirteenth amendment freed the slaves. Interestingly enough there were two Constitutions you can still find the “missing thirteenth amendment” on the internet nothing to do with slavery, tons to do with the demos. That’s if you know their secret-all are lawyers which disqualifies them from holding office.

  4. There are so many important issues that warrant lengthy discussions but erasing or revising American History isn’t one of them. That’s the purpose of tearing down statues, vandalizing historical sites, condemning the founders and white males, labeling all whites ‘inherently racist’, promoting critical race theory, etc. BLM, George Soros and their many allies and acolytes are following Marxist guidelines to the letter. The democrat party is leading the parade and the mainstream media promote their agenda, their ideology, their agitprop. The democrats say something, the media cheer, democrats are moral icons, Republicans are racists. There is one simple fact I always think about when I get my daily dose of ‘evil, white, racist Americans’: White people comprise less than ten percent of the global population. Eleven little words but they mean so much in terms of defining those who falsely accuse innocent people of the same asinine lies day after day.

  5. Being I’m quite literally working alone and there’s far more work that goes into a website behind the scene, than in front. Unfortunately, this means I rarely have the time to respond to comments, but, in this case, I felt compelled to do so.

    This was an amazing, well-written, and more importantly, well-thought-out comment, so much so I felt compelled to acknowledge your brilliant response. Thank you for taking the time to write it.


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