Color Us Shocked! Americans’ Trust In News Media Hit’s All Time Low

Trust In Mainstream Media News Reporting
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Fewer than half of Americans trust mainstream media reporting, according to PR firm Edelman’s annual “trust barometer.”

Long headed for collapse, Americans’ trust in the media establishment hits an all-time low in 2021.

But rather than, say, news media reporters start acting like journalists, instead of Democrat stooges.

News media outlets concluded that their dismal numbers are simply due to American’s being too uneducated to recognize greatness when they see it.

Falling three points overall to just 46 percent, according to Edelman’s most recent annual survey.

The figure marks the first time Americans’ trust in journalism sank below the 50 percent mark.

Trust In Social Media Judged Even Worse

Americans’ trust in social media also hit rock bottom, clocking in at a miserable 27 percent, according to Edelman’s annual “trust barometer.”

Globally, people’s faith in social media didn’t fare much better, with just 35 percent of users deeming it a trustworthy source for “general news and information.”

Survey respondents did not hesitate to expound on their dim view of their journalistic profession, or shall we say, lack of professionalism.

56 percent of Americans agreed the media was “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”

While 58 percent agreed most outlets were “more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than informing the public.”

Media Distrust? Blame It On Stupid Americans!

The only group trusted by a majority of Americans out of Government, Media, NGOs, and Business in 2021 was, ironically, Big Business.

Despite the fact that corporations are largely the puppetmasters of the media and politicians.

Axios, after reading Edelman’s 2021 report, instead of doing a little self-analysis.

And due to Republicans trust in CEOs (61 percent) runs 40 points higher than their trust in news media outlets.

Axios called on these ‘trustworthy’ CEOs to “visibly embrace the news media” in order to burnish their public image.

“Now it’s time for [CEOs] to use the trust they’ve built up to help rebuild our civic infrastructure,”

However, given conservatives’ unabashed loathing for social media and the liberal-bias news networks.

Axios plan to have CEOs extoll the virtues of the news media by arguing ‘ignore what your eyes and ears are telling you,’ seems more likely to backfire.


Are The News Media Trying To Prove Their Duplicity?

Yesterday, TuskerDaily reported that it took the news media less than 24-hours into Joe Biden’s presidency for their repugnant double standard to rear its ugly head.

In late November 2020, we reported on the news media, most notably CNN, to show America just how petty and vindictive they had become in 2020.

As Donald Trump prepared to sign an executive order, the snickering news media mocked the President for his “tiny desk“.

They then proceeded to spend an entire news cycle spewing childish quips, such as ‘Trump finally discovers a way to make his tiny hands look bigger’.

Fast forward to Jan 2021, and the very same juvenile journalist was now gushing over how Presidential Joe Biden appeared while he prepared to sign a series of executive orders…


Donald Trump, Joe Biden Baby Resolute Tiny desk

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