Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden opened up an impressive lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in Florida this week; with recent polls showing a near 50-point advantage for the former Vice President.

“Florida […] looks like it could be a near-catastrophe for Sanders. A poll from St. Pete Polls released Thursday morning gave Biden an enormous advantage of almost 50 points. In 2016, Sanders lost Florida to eventual nominee Hilary Clinton by more than 30 points,” reports The Hill.

Another survey has Biden at 61% in the Sunshine State, followed by Sanders at just 12%.

Sanders’ praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is why Joe Biden Is Obliterating the Simpleminded Socialist In Florida

Sanders stunned viewers across the country last month when he publicly praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro; saying he implemented a “massive literacy program” in the island-nation once he “came into office.”

Sanders was speaking with 60 Minutes’ Anderson Cooper when he was asked if he stood-by comments he made years earlier praising the socialist revolutionary.

“He educated their kids, gave them healthcare, totally transformed the society,” said Sanders decades ago.

Ole Bernie must be really feeling the bern!


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