While claiming his policies have worked to slow the spread of the coronavirus, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, trying to hold onto his newfound power has extended his state’s social-distancing measures to May 15.

Maybe Andrew Cuomo can begin enforcing his idiocy by starting with his baby brother, Chris?

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During his daily coronavirus press conference on Thursday, Cuomo announced that his stay-at-home directives, social-distancing guidelines, and closures of “non-essential” businesses have been extended a further two weeks.

Before the extension until May 15th, the governor’s “New York Pause” executive order was due to expire on April 30.

While praising the fact that 600 fewer people were hospitalized than the previous day as part of an encouraging trend, Cuomo cautioned against relaxing any of the stringent regulations that have brought his state’s economy to a standstill and forced most of its population to work from home – assuming they still have jobs.

Cuomo crowed that his “close-down has worked,” boasting that his policies have reduced the total number of deaths, and lowered the COVID-19 transmission rate to 0.9%.

Of course, that was before NYC’s Moronic Mayor Bill de Blasio started politicizing the official COVID-19 death toll, by adding those who “Probably” died of the Coronavirus.

Cuomo refuses to speculate on when New York might reopen

Contact-tracing and widespread tracing will be required before the economy can reopen, Cuomo explained, calling on the federal government for assistance.

Cuomo also stated that the state will also have to strengthen its healthcare system. So don’t be shocked if New York’s Governor starts spewing the liberals imbecilic ‘Medicare For All’, of course, that includes illegal aliens.

New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in the US, with a total of 12,192 deaths so far attributed to the virus.

The governor recently called for mandatory mask-wearing in public for all New Yorkers over the age of two, while also appearing to offer up his state’s population as test subjects for pharmaceutical companies working on vaccines.

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