After the media’s lovefest with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over his ‘Better than Trump could ever do’ coronavirus response.

I highly doubt the mainstream media will call out Cuomo’s for his ‘months too late’ ordering that NYC subways must now be disinfected nightly.

Thanks, Governor Cuomo, nothing like waiting until over a thousand New Yorkers have died from the coronavirus, before doing something that any normal person would have implemented months ago.

New York’s 24/7 subway system will now shutter nightly from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. to facilitate coronavirus cleaning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday in a historic move.

“You never had a challenge of disinfecting every train every 24 hours,” said Cuomo during his daily Coronavirus press briefing, a problem he earlier this week directed the MTA to solve. “It can best be done by stopping train service from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. every night.”

Cuomo announced the news in consultation with Mayor Bill de Blasio, that the MTA must guarantee that essential workers commuting each morning are getting on subway trains disinfected of the coronavirus the night prior.

Cuomo said on Wednesday:

“I want a full plan: How do we disinfect every train every night?

Any essential worker who shows up and gets on a train should know that that train was disinfected the night before.”

The “massive undertaking” is expected to impact 10,000 riders nightly, according to Cuomo, who said buses, vans, and for-hire vehicles will be provided to pick up the slack.

Cuomo Was Against NYC Subways Being Disinfected Just 2 Weeks Ago

The partial closures were announced less than two weeks after a bipartisan group of four City Councilmembers beseeched Cuomo in a letter to shut down the system in its entirety to protect MTA workers.

Cuomo at the time dismissed the idea, citing the need to keep the rails rolling for essential workers.

But after a recent outcry from the MTA, and coronavirus front line workers. Cuomo suddenly did a 180 saying:

“They deserve better than dangerous, unsanitary trips to and from the front lines.

It is our obligation as human beings to reciprocate, and make sure we’re doing everything we can,” 

NYC’s Moronic Mayor Bill de Blasio, who joined the briefing via video call, added:

“I think what we’re doing here in partnership is exactly the right thing, to say we’re going to find a way to make our subway system cleaner than it’s probably ever been in its history, honestly.”

The closures will have the added benefit, de Blasio said, of forcing the subway’s burgeoning homeless population up to street level, where they can be connected with services.

“This new plan will disrupt that unacceptable reality and allow us to actually get help to people more effectively.

If you’re not going back and forth all night on the train, then you actually are coming above ground where outreach workers are there to help you.”

The subterranean shake-up comes as critics have assailed both de Blasio and Cuomo for allowing the problem crisis to fester, to the detriment of commuters and the homeless alike.

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