DailyMail Story Linking Texas Sen Ted Cruz To Horrific Death of 11-Year-Old Cristian Pavon Is Vile

Not even two-months into 2021 and the DailyMail is already in the running for the most abhorrent headline of the year with their Ted Cruz gaslighting idiocy which supposedly links the Texas Senator to the horrific death of 11-year-old, Cristian Pavon.

The Dailymail’s repugnant headline screamed:

“Meet Cristian, the 11-year old boy who froze to death in his family’s trailer while Ted Cruz’s family plotted escape from their mansion to Cancun: 30 dead on Texas’ sixth day of misery as water runs out “

Not only did the DailyMail use the horrific death of Cristian Pavon, an 11-year-old Texas boy who died of suspected hypothermia in his family’s mobile home to push their liberal-biased BS.

The story clearly implies that Ted Cruz was somehow responsible for Christian’s death because as they wrote:

at the same time Christine succumbed to the deadly cold gripping America, Ted Cruz abandoned his state at the height of the storm crisis and jetted off on a luxury holiday to Cancun.”

DailyMail’s Repugnant Ted Cruz Gaslighting

It’s one thing if the DailyMail could connect Ted Cruz to Christian, but their story did no such thing.

In fact, the majority of the story revolved around the little boy being just one of at least 47 people who had died during the devastating winter storms that pummeled America this week with 30 lives lost in hard-hit Texas alone.

Instead, I assume justify their vile headline, the DailyMail just inserted ‘As Ted Cruz left for Cancun’ every few paragraphs.

Even their “Ted Cruz’s family plotted an escape from their mansion to Cancun” is atrocious since this is what the DailyMail claims to be Ted Cruz’s “Mansion”?

Protesters waited for Cruz outside his home on Thursday afternoon as he arrived home, less than 24 hours after leaving

Typical Leftist Media Hypocrisy

I’ll give the DailyMail credit for at least covering New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID coverup.

But I’ve never seen a similar gaslighting headline from the DailyMail lambasting Cuomo for his order to send elderly Coronavirus-infected New Yorkers to their death while he was selling his egotistical “New York Strong” poster at the same time.

NY Coronavirus COVID poster

DailyMail Never Bothers To Explain How Ted Cruz is Responsible For The Death of Cristian Pavon

While the storm exposed the fact that Texas clearly has serious deficiencies in their power grid that they need to address.

And yes, what Cruz did was stupid, and tone-deaf, but to place the blame of Christine’s death on Ted Cruz is beyond sickening.

Senator Ted Cruz isn’t in charge of the weather. He isn’t in charge of ERCOT. Nor could he have done anything to stop the disaster from happening once the ball got rolling.

But if the DailyMail wanted to stir the political pot then how about investigating why some people had their power shut off for hours and days, while others never got theirs shut off.

Or they could have reported on ‘Why Texas announced that they planned to do rolling blackouts that would have lasted approximately 30 minutes, but never did?

It’s safe to say that the death toll could have been kept to a minimum had these rolling blackouts occurred, since everyone could have managed a 30-minute window without power.

But taking author Rachel Sharp’s liberal logic to its logical conclusion.

I assume we should be asking every Texas politician:

  • Did you eat breakfast this morning while Texans go hungry??
  • Did you have a shower today while Texans are without water?
  • Did you eat a hot meal while Texans have no power?

If you answered yes to any of these questions.

Then you’re responsible for the death of Cristian Pavon, and the other 30+ Texans who have died.

But if TuskerDaily really wanted to take the DailyMail’s liberal idiocy to its ultimate extreme, then…

President Joe Biden let days go by before even addressing the extreme weather situation gripping much of the United States.

In fact, as TuskerDaily reported yesterday, while Cristian Pavon was dying of hyperthermia, Joe Biden, America’s fearless leader decided to take a snow day because Washington D.C. weather forecasters were predicting 1 to 4 inches of snow.

I can guarantee you that if Donald Trump was still the President two things would have happened.

  1. Unlike Biden, Trump would have addressed this disaster immediately and brought the full might of the United States government to bear in an effort to head off this disaster that America is now experiencing.
  2. As the DailyMail is doing with Ted Cruz, the liberal biased media would have placed the blame for every weather-related death squarely on President Trump.

Hell, If Trump was still President, the Democrats would have labeled him a murderer and would have already been well on their way to having a ‘Trump Impeachment Trial Part III‘.

The DailyMail’s Rachel Sharp should be ashamed at writing such a vile article.

But we know Rachel Sharp, nor the DailyMail doesn’t feel an ounce of remorse for using the death of an innocent 11-year-old boy as a prop for their political hit piece.

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