Dana Loesch Roasts CNN Pearl Clutching Piglet Brian Stelter about President Trump Calling BLM protesters terrorist - TuskerDaily
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Dana Loesch roasted the Clown News Networks ass-kissing plumpy pearl-clutching piglet, Brian Stelter over his tweet lambasting President Trump calling the BLM/Antifa anarchists “Terrorist”.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity taped a town hall with President Trump, and the president commented about those ‘Peaceful Protesters’ who have been vandalizing, looting, rioting  and burning their way across America

More recently the triggered BLM / Antifa ‘woke’ radicals have been defacing and/or tearing down monuments of what the believe are historical evil people such as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and their latest target ‘Jesus‘.

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After NBC White House reporter Geoff Bennet tweeted:

CNN’s resident ass-kissing Democrat apologist Brian Stelter, waddling in to spew his simpleminded stupidity.

Despite, President Trump talking about the same people that forced CNN to put up a wall around their Atlanta Headquarters. Pearly Clutch Brian Stelter tweeted that he doesn’t agree with Trump’s verbiage when talking about those ‘Peaceful Protesters’.

Of course, if President Trump only used phrases such as “The Walls Are Closing In,” or “Agent of Russia,” or simply screamed “Russia, Russia, Russia,” 24/7 for three-years.

Then Carbzilla may have had to agree with President Trump since that is acceptable verbiage at the TDS driven Clown News Network.

Dana Loesch, our 2nd Amendment heroine skewers CNN’s plumpy pearl-clutching piglet:

Considering the repugnant Democrat talking points CNN obediently regurgitates about 2nd Amendment supporters such as Dana Loesch, she wasn’t having any of what the Whalelephant was spewing:

Of course, anything that Brian Stelter upchucks must be considered hypocrite hyperbole.

As an example of Brian Stelter’s double-standard stupidity.

CNN’s salad dodging dimwit must have been going for the ‘How many oreo’s can you stiff in your piehole’ Guinness book of world records.

Because Brian Stelter was awful quiet when his beloved Hillary Clinton called these protesters TERRORISTS?

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