Talk about embarrassing, get woke, go broke comic book companies such as Marvel and DC have absolutely no idea why their comic books aren’t selling.

This month Demon Slayer or Kimetsu No Yaiba, manga has sold more copies than the entire American comic book industry. 

Yes, you read that correctly one Manga comic book outsold the entire line of DC which has such iconic superheroes like Superman, and Batman, and Marvel which of course, owns such titles as Spider-Man, and X-Men COMBINED!

And the American comic book industry is clueless to understand why?


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DC, Marvel Comics Gets Woke, Goes Broke

Demon Slayer has sold 100 million copies while American comic books altogether have only sold 15 million units.

Keep in mind that they are also counting manga that is being sold in America. That means that the number of comic books sold themselves are much lower.

Of course…It Must Be Those Racist, Bigoted, Sexists Comic Book Fans!

As we’ve just seen from Kevin Smith who ripped the He-Man fan base after his woke reimagining of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” got eviscerated shortly after making its debut on Netflix.

And like Kevin Smith, artists in Marvel and DC complain that the reason why they are not selling enough comic books is because of the fans.

DC, Marvel Comics blame the fans and attack the fans.

While Manga artists in Japan believe that the reason why a manga like Demon Slayer is so successful is because of the story and serving the fans.

But many of the newer American comic book creators don’t really think like this.
Sure comic books have always had a political/moral message however when a comic book is made to PUSH a particular political agenda that is when readers run away.

Comic book readers know when they are being brainwashed into thinking a certain way.

It is the very reason why Smits’ #MOTURevalation, as well as Disney Star Wars, failed in the first place.

The focus is not to satisfy comic book readers, or moviegoers but rather to convince them to convert to their leftist political ideology.

Comic book readers don’t want to think about politics when reading comics. They want to be entertained.

Some comic books have political messages as a way to make a statement like V for Vendetta.

However, there was no agenda of trying to convert people to the ideology. It was just a statement, a story.

This is why more and more American readers switch to Japanese Manga because it has not been inundated with political things.

Manga focuses on telling a good story which is what Marvel and DC used to do, but after bending the knee to the woke social media mob they no longer do.

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