DC Mayor Threatens To Arrest People Who Leave Their Homes

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser
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DC Mayor Democrat Muriel Bowser is threatening residents of Washington, DC, with 90 days in jail and a $5,000 fine if they leave their homes during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Our message remains the same: stay home,” Bowser, said in a statement Monday.

The stay-home order has exceptions for grocery shopping and work deemed essential.

Outdoor recreation such as running is allowed, but cannot involve people outside of a household.

The order is similar to dictates in neighboring Maryland and Virginia, but shocked residents of Washington, where there are just 401 of the nation’s 160,000 confirmed cases.

Monica Hopkins, executive director of the ACLU of the District of Columbia, said “we would be deeply concerned” if anyone actually was arrested for violating the order.

“When we saw this order, we thought, ‘You want to send them where?’” Hopkins said.

“People being arrested for that causes all sorts of problems that are antithetical to the goals of lessening the virus.”

The ACLU of DC filed a lawsuit Monday seeking the appointment of an expert to help depopulate the city’s only jail of elderly, health-compromised and non-violent inmates. Many inmates are awaiting trial.

Let’s unpack this overabundance of Bulls**t.

So, the DC Mayor wants to put innocent residents in jail for 3-months for having the constitutional right to walk out their f**king front door?

For which the ACLU immediately called the threat of arrest unconstitutional, while also simultaneously fighting to free prisoners who had their constitutionally guaranteed right to a fair trial in front of their peers and were found guilty?

Do I have that right?

Mercedes Schlapp, President Trump’s former White House director of strategic communications, couldn’t have said it better 

“This is insane.”

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser We Have A Few Questions

Bower stated:

“What we would hope for is voluntary compliance with the stay at home order and discretion on the part of officers to break those sort of things up and send people home,” 

But DC’s Metropolitan Police Department did not immediately provide answers about how they’ll enforce such insanity.

Will residents be issued a warning for a first offense, or just thrown in jail for three months?

And because DC courts are operating in a limited capacity due to the coronavirus crisis, when these innocent people get locked up, would they be able to get released immediately, or will they spend the whole 90 days in jail?

Also, Washington, DC has some 6,500 homeless people, according to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH)

So are they free to roam around the city defecating wherever they please since they are, well, homeless?

And before you ask, yes, there is such a thing as the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH)

But I digress…

I also must assume that since the courts are operating on a limited basis, DC Mayor Bower is just calling BS on all that constitutional nonsense regarding American’s having the right to a speedy trial?

FFS these Democrats are taking their ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ mantra just a wee bit over the line.

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