NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio does two things well.

Blame all of the problems on Trump despite him being the Mayor of New York City.

And acting like a typical Progressive ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ Democrat.

Americans are growing more and more weary of the blatant hypocrisy coming from the same leftist authoritarian leaders who have imposed suffocating restrictions while showing not a hint of compassion toward the people they supposedly serve.

De Blasio actually had the audacity to tweet out his socialist stupidity that the Coronavirus is racist and it discriminates against people of color.

As evidenced by this highly emotional and powerful viral video first reported by the New York Post.

If NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio truly wants to see a racist, he simply has to stand in front of a mirror.

The New Post Reported:

A grieving Harlem food truck owner was forced to ice her husband’s corpse Saturday as she searched for someone to retrieve his body, several hours after he died from suspected coronavirus.

Tami Treadwell, 57, slammed the city after Gregory Anthony Treadwell’s remains were left in the home by emergency responders, with the city medical examiner’s office telling her it could take “three hours to three days” to pick them up.

We truly are sorry for your loss Ms. Treadwell.

We Pray Gregory Rests in Peace, and That God Comforts You In Your Hour of Need.

Watch this heartbreaking video.

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