Before the 2020 election, Joe Biden was asked if he became President would declare a nationwide Lockdown? Of course, Biden refused to answer, instead, distracting American voters by claiming he’ll create a ‘Coronavirus Panel’ to determine how he will miraculously “Control the Spread of Coronavirus In America” so American Businesses can reopen.

Of course, the Democrats’ mainstream media cohorts follow up by asking Joe Biden “What’s your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?’

Amazingly, just days after the final legal vote had been cast, and mere hours after the media trumpeted that Joe Biden has been declared “President-Elect.

One of Biden’s vaunted Coronavirus task force scientists announced that he recommends that on January 20th President Joe Biden must declare an unconstitutional 6-week national lockdown to Control the Spread of Coronavirus In America.

Unfortunately, from the moment COVID-19 had been declared a pandemic. All 50 States have implemented some form of Coronavirus lockdown.

While states differ in just how draconian their COVID lockdowns would be. After almost 11-months, the only thing that has become abundantly clear is the fact that no lockdown has in any way stopped the spread of the virus. Nor have they inhibited the expected 2nd wave in any way, shape, or form.

And while we’re at it, Joe Biden accusing Donald Trump of causing an untold number of COVID deaths because the President supposedly thumbed his nose at wearing a mask, is idiocy at best.

If Joe Biden believes that America was waiting for him to become President so he could lecture Americans on the virtues of mask-wearing Then Joe and those mental midgets that voted for him have much more to worry about than becoming infected with COVID-19.

As American businesses enter the make or break holiday season, do as I say, not as I do Democrat Governors like California Gavin Newsome, and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo have now declared that they’re canceling Thanksgiving…and Christmas will be next on their ‘to-do list’

Of course, The Democrats didn’t say a word before November 3rd about canceling Thanksgiving, or additional months-long lockdowns, because they knew that Americans know that their ‘Stop The Spread‘ liberal logic is complete and utter bullshit!

American Business Want Customers Not A Bailout

Since President Trump declared the Coronavirus a pandemic, American businesses have become Covid business savvy.

They posted signage to wear a mask, placed stickers 6-feet apart on the floor reminding customers to maintain social distance and strategically placed hand sanitizer stations.

After an 11-month ordeal, that saw small business owners making the hard decision to either cut workers’ pay and/or shed precious staff just to stay afloat.

With a COVID-19 vaccine(s) on the verge of approval, just weeks before their all-important holiday shopping season goes into full swing, American business owners are finally started to have hope.

Unfortunately, the light American business owners are seeing at the end of the tunnel isn’t the end of their long Coronavirus pandemic nightmare.

It’s the headlights from Joe Biden and Democrats’ COVID Lockdown car that’s about to run them over and finish them off for good.

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