Dear NBA: Social Justice Reform Starts With Black Men Obeying Police

Lebron James NBA Boycott over Jacob Blake shooting
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On Wednesday, the NBA with mouthpiece Lebron James spewing nonsense got the ball rolling on sports teams, and leagues boycotting over the shooting of Jacob Blake by a Police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Someone needs to ask Lebron James what would he do if he was a police officer and a convicted felon for domestic abuse who had an open warrant for his arrest, was refusing to obey his commands, got in his car with his kids inside, and then started reaching under his seat for a weapon?

I’m sure James would spew some well-rehearsed answer like ‘I would call a community camp counselor in order to deescalate the situation,’ but he’d be thinking “Shoot first, and ask questions later’.

Because that’s what we would all have done.

NBA’s Phoney Outrage

On Sunday, Jacob Blake, an African-American fugitive with an open arrest warrant was severely injured after Police shot him for resisting arrest, after he refused to obey their commands, and started reaching for a weapon under his car seat (later confirmed to be a knife) in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Of course, without waiting for facts, Black Lives Matter immediately protested over the supposed ‘Police Brutality’ which quickly escalated into shockingly, NOT SHOCKINGLY, rioting, and looting that has destroyed dozens of buildings and left at least two people dead.

Three days later the NBA leaped into action

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks chose not to show up to their game against the Orlando Magic, citing racial injustice in the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Actor Terry Crews found a humorous way to needle NBA players for refusing to play games saying they should instead boycott a famous strip club.

“Boycott Magic City,” Crews tweeted and deleted. The host of “America’s Got Talent,” who’s also black and a former National Football League player, used the hashtag #blacklovematters.

Crews “Magic City,” was in reference to an Atlanta strip club that has long been frequented by famous professional athletes.

The strip club made headlines last month when Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams was slammed for visiting the establishment while he was on leave for a funeral. Because ‘Nothing says paying your respect more than making it rain in a strip club.’

The NBA ordered Williams into a 10-day quarantine, causing him to miss two games, because teams are playing out the rest of this year’s pandemic-disrupted season in isolation, in the “NBA Bubble” in Orlando.

Cancel Culture Hypocrites

Of course, Crews’ comment elicited strong backlash on Twitter, where Black Lives Matter supporters suggested that Crews was being “anti-black” and distracting from the importance of police brutality.

Of course, the liberal mob used their standard racial epithets to attack Crews, calling him a “Coon” and “Uncle Tom.”

New York Times Magazine reporter Ida Bae who won Pulitzer for her ‘1619’ revisionist History of America fantasy, called Crews’ tweet “shameful.”

Neale went full racist with his “opporcoonistic” idiocy:


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