Delta Airline employees are circulating a ‘scathing’ anonymous letter blasting their ‘Woke’ CEO Ed Bastian.

The blistering letter was obtained by Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, who shared it on social media and in a podcast.

The letter, signed by a 20+ years Delta Airlines Employee, was posted online.

The letter was titled: Ed Bastian and Death of Reason at Delta Airlines, in a reference to the company’s “Woke” CEO. The letter will be transcribed below:

Delta employees are circulating a ‘scathing’ anonymous letter
Delta employees ‘scathing’ letter To CEO

“Against the advice of colleagues the following concerns regarding Delta’s CEO, Board of Directors (BOD) and management are submitted anonymously for fear of reprisal,” the letter begins. “The purpose of this letter is to convey executive and management practices detrimental to all employees, the company, and social relations.”

“Recently, a DL flight attendant (Lady MAGA), while not representing Delta, was terminated for posting political content on social media which some Delta management deemed disagreeable,” it continues. “Delta claims employees represent the company 24/7 and can therefore terminate any employee should they express opinions management finds unacceptable even when not representing the company. But what when management does the same?”

“When employees are uninformed or in service of the company they are expected to abide by proper protocol and should be reprimanded or terminated when representing Delta’s brand in unflattering fashion,” the letter added. “But if Delta isn’t mentioned Delta has no say in how employees express themselves, none.”

“The change of our executive/management body SHOULD be to build our brand, hire employees of merit, provide the best customer service, build a strong company and create value and profit for stockholders,” it stated. “That’s all. It IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be the charge of Delta management to:

  • Contribute to political campaigns;
  • Endorse social causes;
  • Build brand based upon personal social or political beliefs;
  • Contribute money to nor distribute pins promoting racist Marxist pseudo-terrorist political groups;
  • Conduct hiring, firing, or promotions based upon race, gender, gender preferences, quotas or political affiliation, etc…;
  • Pander to political, social, and racial causes and the leaders thereof;
  • Seek favoritism from political parties via implementation of party agendas;
  • Implement policies pitting company against individual employees;
  • Implement policies pitting the company against customers requiring employees to isolate, humiliate, remove and banish customers from the airline;
  • Mandate how customers chew their food;
  • Prohibit common lexicon so not to ‘offend’, nor;
  • Take public positions on the legitimacy or illegitimacy of state election practices and reforms thereof.

“Our company should do none of those things,” the letter went on. “Yet, on Delta’s behalf, our executives and management routinely adopt and enforce absurd policies based upon their own fashionable socio-political whims void of reason and common sense. These managers crave peer approval, are insecure, vindictive, and enact the gross intolerances they profess to reject.”

“Such corporate activism, combining business with political (or business and state) agendas, is, in fact, fascism,” the letter says, definitively.

“These practitioners seek political approval and privilege between corporate and political leadership to the detriment of citizens ultimately resulting in loss of liberty rendering free individuals slaves of corporate/political do-gooder statism,” it continued. “This is not leadership. And at Delta, NO employee should be forced to surrender personal freedoms of thought and expression to nebulous intolerant zealot managers no matter the political ‘moral’ objection. No free person should surrender free expression to politically illiterate managerial statist wonks just to be employees. We love our great airline. But, more importantly, we are Americans first.”

Delta Airline CEO Ed Bastian Attacked Georgia’s Election Integrity Laws

Delta Airlines was one of over 200 companies that blasted Georgia’s election integrity laws.

In April, the Georgia House rewarded the company by stripping it of a $35 million tax break due to the CEO’s inappropriate social justice activism.

Karlyn Borysenko commented on the letter in the video below:


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