Rep. Karen Bass
Dem Rep. Karen Bass Pushes 2nd Trump Impeachment If Wins

Democrat Rep. Karen Bass (D., Calif.) said Democrats would not stop pushing for impeachment even if President Donald Trump wins reelection.

California Rep. Karen Bass, as delusional as any other Democrat whined:

“Yes, but I don’t think it would be exactly the same and here’s why. Because even though we’re impeaching him now, there’s still a number of court cases,” 

“There’s a ton of information that could come forward. For example, we could get his bank records and find out that he’s owned 100 percent by the Russians.”

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“The odds of that—sadly enough—is that he probably has other examples of criminal behavior,” Bass added.

The California Democrat has supported Trump’s impeachment since the beginning of Trump’s term.

Karen Bass was one of the 58 Democrats who voted to advance impeachment in 2017. Those articles of impeachment, which were filed by Rep. Al Green (D., Tex.) sought to oust Trump for his comments following a deadly clash between white nationalists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville.

Bass is not the only Democrat floating the idea of Trump being impeached twice. Neal Katyal, a former acting solicitor general under Barack Obama, said “double jeopardy protections do not apply” to impeachment.


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