Democrat Sen. Dick Blumenthal

Democratic Senator hilariously claims that a high-end estimate as “five to ten” of his Republican colleagues could vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Maybe the delusional Connecticut Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal was having a flashback to his good old ‘Stolen Valor’ days when he fraudulently claimed he fought in the Vietnam war?

On repeated occasions, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, better known as ‘Dick’ said he served in Vietnam, when in fact his military service was confined to the United States.

Blumenthal told another complete fabrication to MSNBC that “five to ten” GOP senators voting with Democrats was a “high-end” prediction.

But Blumenthal had plenty of stupid left when he then suggested his estimate could rise further should “unpredicted evidence” emerge in the impeachment inquiry.

Wonder what the number would be if the Democrats had presented ANY EVIDENCE?

Senator Stolen Valor prediction on MSNBC’s Hardball show yesterday came as the House Judiciary Committee held a debate Thursday night on the articles of impeachment.

Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t make this Trump Impeachment idiocy and dumber….

Heeeeeeere’s Jerry!

As we just reported the Democrats ‘Get Trump’ Impeachment clown show became even more circus-like when Jerry Nadler got all sleepy and decided to abruptly end the Impeachment debate.

Of course, the minority Republican House members erupted in anger as Jerry Nadler acted more like his last name was Lewis.

I assume Jerrod believes making sure mommy tucks him in at night is far more important than impeaching a President of the United States?

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