Dementia Joe Biden delusionally called violent BLM / Antifa anarchists rioting, looting and setting Portland, Oregon, ablaze “peaceful protesters” in a statement Tuesday condemning President Donald Trump for sending in federal law enforcement officers.

In his statement, ‘Dementia Joe’ conveniently failed to mention the violent actions of BLM, Antifa led rioters who have attacked a federal courthouse, vandalizing it and attempting to set it ablaze.

He also repeated a false claim that ‘Peaceful’ protesters in front of the White House last month had been tear-gassed and by attacked police.

Dementia Joe Biden said:

We have a president who is determined to sow chaos and division. To make matters worse instead of better. We all remember the appalling scenes in front of the White House, when peaceful protesters were gassed to make way for a Trump photo op.

Now Homeland Security agents — without a clearly defined mandate or authority — are ranging far from federal property, stripped of badges and insignia and identifying markings, to detain people. They are brutally attacking peaceful protesters, including a U.S. Navy veteran. Of course the U.S. government has the right and duty to protect federal property.

The Obama-Biden administration protected federal property across the country without resorting to these egregious tactics — and without trying to stoke the fires of division in this country.

We need a president who will bring us together instead of tear us apart, calm instead of inflame, and enforce the law faithfully rather than put his political interests first.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) defended its actions in Portland yesterday as a necessary defense of federal property in the face of inaction by state and local officials. DHS officials noted that officers were wearing identifying insignia, but not name tags, given the tactics of Antifa rioters, who routinely “dox” law enforcement officers to harass and attack them at their personal residences or elsewhere.

President Trump also defended DHS officers, noting that they were within their rights to pursue those who had attacked them, even if it meant leaving the federal courthouse grounds.

Marc Lotter, former Special Assistant to President Donald Trump & Press Sec to VP Mike Pence, who is now Director of Strategic Communications for Team Trump tried to remind Biden about one inconvenient fact that Dementia Joe overlooked.

Anyone following the antics of the Marxist Black Lives Matter ORGANIZATION since they became the liberal leftist darlings under Obama in 2015, Employ a deliberate tactic of using vulnerable or sympathetic people — such as veterans — as human shields to stem any use of force by police.

At worse, they use these sympathetic people as propaganda tools to “prove” the so-called reprehensible actions of the Police.

In one case, a veteran who was hit in the head by a bean bag fired by Oakland police won a settlement by the city of $4.5 million.

In one recent incident in Portland Christoper David, 53, is a local resident and veteran who served in the Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps from 1988 to 1996, approached federal officers in the middle of a riot in order to accuse them of supposedly violating their oaths of office.

Instead, he left with supposedly two broken bones after being beaten with a baton and pepper-sprayed.

But amazingly David walked away giving the bird to the officers and showing no signs of injury?

I assume Joe Biden, nor Christoper David haven’t read the United States Constitution, or at the very least they need to take a refresher course in order to replace their “Feelings” with “Facts.”

Or maybe Christopher David and Joe Biden should just hit the ‘Follow‘ button on famed constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley Twitter account.

As we reported earlier Turley schooled the liberal-biased fake news media on Donald Trumps Constitutional powers granted to him as President of the United States.

Dementia Joe Biden Dreaming Of Kneeling to Black Lives Matter BLM