Former Vice President Clueless Joe Biden emerged from his basement to make a public stop in Pennsylvania and as usual, the Democrats’ complacent media cohorts let ‘Dementia Joe’ avoid answering questions.

The presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee has continued to get a pass from the liberal media while he avoided holding a news conference for nearly three months, selectively speaking from his basement.

On Thursday Clueless Joe made a visit to his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and once again brushed off questions from an accommodating media.

The 77-year-old Democrat on the verge of having full dementia made a stop to meet Anne Kearns, who is currently living in what used to be Biden’s Pennsylvania childhood home on North Washington Ave.

Or at least that’s where ‘Dementia Joe‘ believes he grew up.

The Media Holding Joe Biden’s Hair Plugs To The Fire…BWAHAHAHAHA!

As seen in a video clip shared by the Trump campaign, a reporter asked “Time for a few questions?”

“No, no. I just came to see Anne,” Biden responded, to which the obedient reporters rolled over and showed their bellies.

In a tweet by Fox News reporter Madeleine Rivera about the “crowd of supporters” raised plenty of eyebrows on social media.

Of course, all of Joe Biden’s supposed ‘Supporters’ turned out to be only mainstream media journalists.

Making the fake news media morons look even more pathetic is in the way they have recently been attacking President Trump for allegedly avoiding the press.

As shown by CNN’s ass-clown Brian Stelter who claimed in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter and in a tweet highlighting when Paula Reid of CBS.

Of course, if you remember, just weeks ago when President Trump was giving hours long Coronavirus Daily Press Briefings where he answered any and all questions. The very same media were refusing to cover the White House news conferences.