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Maine’s Democratic Senate candidate Sara Gideon is claiming credit for a Republican tax break her party opposed in her bid to oust Sen. Susan Collins.


In a new campaign ad, Sara Gideon, the speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, touted her sponsorship of a property tax relief bill that will pay $30 million to local homeowners in 2020.

Sounds great all except the fact that Sara Gideon was not even in office when the tax break was passed.

I assume Sara Gideon is just using the Democrats infamous ‘Feelings are just as factual as facts’ idiocy to ignore the obvious.

The payout will come out of a fund set up by Maine Republicans in 2012 as part of an income tax relief system.

Jacob Posik, spokesman for the conservative-leaning Maine Heritage Policy Center, called the ad “misleading.”

“Gideon’s ads are misleading—all she really did was change the purpose of the fund, which was already in place and had built up revenues over the [GOP Gov. Paul] LePage years, and make disbursements in 2019 before running for the Senate,” Posik said.

“It’s true that people are getting tax relief, but that money is entirely due to Republican foresight from back in 2012,” Maine GOP executive director Jason Savage told the Washington Free Beacon. “It’s really disingenuous and dishonest of Sarah Gideon to take credit for it.”

The fund was designed to grow until it could begin to shoulder some of the income tax burdens of state residents. Gideon, however, repurposed the money into a cash handout to Maine homeowners after shifting its focus from income to property tax relief.

“She clearly has political designs on this whole thing,” Savage said. “I mean, there’s no other way to be so brazen about just taking a Republican savings fund and renaming it and taking credit for it.”

Watch Sara Gideon’s ad in which Sara Gideon acts as a reporter as she questions a voter who talks to Sara Gideon as if Sara Gideon’s a third person.

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