Racist liberal progressive writer Marcus Ferrell threatened if Joe Biden doesn’t make Georgia’s gap-toothed salad dodger, Stacey Abrams his VP, then the old white man is finished.

In an opinion piece posted on The Grio by short lived 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate Marcus Ferrell wrote:

We might be watching a disaster in slow motion. A white liberal politician who almost certainly secured the Democratic nomination — thanks to Black voters — is considering another white moderate as a running mate.

The sheer fact that this is even an idea is not only disrespectful to Black Americans, but it is also a strategic mistake of epic proportions considering there is an available vice presidential candidate who can fill in the obvious gaps for the presumptive nominee.

Like all Democrats, Marcus Ferrell is always screaming that Conservatives are the racist ones.

Despite Ferrell’s whole diatribe is basically him writing ‘Biden must choose Georgia’s gap-tooth gubernatorial loser, because Stacey Abrams is black’

Here’s an example of Marcus Ferrell being a hypocrite racist.

As we reported earlier Joe Biden hysterically launched an “I’m On Team Joe” meme generator, where you get to put in your photo in a Biden2020 graphic.

I'm On Team Joe Meme

Of course, this set off a Twitter feeding frenzy as users placed photos of Crack Pipes, China President Xi, a Dog peeing on a Fire Hydrant into Clueless Joe’s “Insert Photo Here” meme generator.

This went on for some time until the Biden campaign finally figured out ‘Hey maybe this wasn’t such a hot idea.’

But before Clueless Joe Shut down his meme maker, the Trump War room had a little fun by playing off Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Spark of Humanity’ MS-13 idiocy.

Of course, Marcus Ferrell pounced, calling their tweet, what else, ‘RACIST!

Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams Bwahahahaha

Here are some of the liberal logic arguments Marcus Ferrell used in his article to claim that Stacey Abrams MUST BE Joe Biden’s 2020 Vice-Presidential nominee.

“She [Abrams] also built a strong coalition of white, Black, progressive, and moderate Democrats in her stolen bid for the governorship in 2018.”

You know Ferrell had to include the Democrats infamous Stacey Abrams lost by 50,000 votes so it must have been stolen idiocy.

“Biden might not be ready for a one-on-one against Donald Trump. He’s an old white man who opposes cannabis legalization and formerly opposed busing. That’s not going to motivate young Black voters to come to his side. He still has not apologized for the crime bill, meanwhile, Trump, obviously understanding the need to appeal to voters of color, ran criminal justice reform commercials during the Superbowl.

Wait. What? Ferrell is calling Biden a racist, and admitting Donald Trump isn’t because he accomplished something for the black community that the Democrats have only promised to do for the past 20+ years.

Also…That’s Racist.

And did I miss the part that now allows the Democrats to send a Tag Team to the Presidential debates? Does Marcus Ferrell believe the debates will be billed as…

President Donald Trump vs the Dynamic Duo of Democratic Dimwits!

“Biden has always had an enthusiasm gap… The answer to Biden’s uphill battle is not another white moderate on the ticket. The answer is Abrams.”

Yea, because nothing screams enthusiasm more than seeing Stacey Abrams stomping her Carbzilla ass across the stage.

“Just five years ago, not many people outside of Georgia knew who Abrams was. In that short time, she has become the rightful governor of Georgia (I don’t care what anyone says, she won that stolen election) and is presently the poster child for voting rights in America.”

The only thing Stacey Abrams is the poster child of is a Weight Watchers “Before” picture.

If Marcus Ferrell’s criteria for being chosen for the Democrats VP slot is how quickly you became popular. Then AOC should be chosen over his salad dodging choice by a mile, i.e. Stacey Abrams waistline.

Yes, like Abrams, AOC became famous for spewing her imbecilic stupidity, but using Ferrell’s liberal logic, “Whoever heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just two-years ago?”

But of course, Marcus Ferrell’s argument for Joe Biden choosing Fatopotamus is pretty much black and white.

“Biden should be careful not to let his white consultants gaslight him into believing that a white moderate from any state will deliver him the presidency.”

That’s Racist…

“Unless he wants to repeat the same mistake that Hillary Clinton made in 2016 by nominating a white Spanish speaker who didn’t motivate BLPOC,”

That’s Racist…

“We can’t ignore the classic issues of race and gender in America, built to elevate white mediocre candidates and knock Black candidates down a peg.”

That’s Racist…

Biden wrote the now controversial crime bill, bragged about working with segregationists, and was on the wrong side of the busing issue.

That’s Biden’s Racist…

The opportunity to galvanize a wider swath of voters and expand the current electorate does not lay in the white consultant thought process of ‘white working-class’ voters. Biden needs to fire said consultant and elevate the voices who tell you what you need to hear: Stacey Abrams is your only choice.

That’s Racist…

How utterly moronic must you be to write an article where Marcus Ferrell’s reasoning for Stacey Abrams to become Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential nominee comes down to “She’s Black.”

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