Donald Trump American Hero
President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order that empowered Homeland Security to send federal officers into Portland to quell the rioting, looting and gun violence that has overtaken the city.
Shortly thereafter President Donald Trump announced that Chicago will be next if Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t get the surge in gun violence under control.
President Donald Trump’s actions show America that he is stepping up to the plate when these Democrat mayors refuse to protect their residents from these terrorists.

The BLM driven protests started after the horrific murder of George Floyd.

But as America soon witnessed almost immediately those Black Lives matter ‘Peaceful protests’ turned into riots that had almost ever Democrat-led big city in America ablaze.

While the mainstream media tried their best to cover-up what was happening on the ground, Americans quickly became aware of all the rioting, looting, and arson taking place.

Many of these violent incidents were being caused by BLM extremists and most of all Antifa terrorists.

As detailed in Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook: They believe in “proactive self-defense” against supposed fascism that evidently they see EVERWHERE.

Antifa defines fascism as anyone who is white and not a member, anything that isn’t Anarcho-Communism and their so-called “proactive self-defense” is just a fancier way of saying “attack whoever isn’t one of us.”

A few days ago under President Trump’s executive order, the Department of Homeland Security deployed an elite unit to Portland to put an end to these Antifa anarchists.

This elite unit, known as the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (or BORTAC for short) was brought in to protect American monuments, memorials, statues, and federal property.

However, the orders of BORTAC are far broader than that.

The tactical unit is part of a larger effort to bring an end to the constant rioting, property damage and violence that these BLM/Antifa Terrorists have been causing.

On top of President Trump’s executive order, Attorney General William Barr has also stated that he’s already investigating members of Antifa.

But why exactly have we reached this point where the Fed has to get involved?

It’s simple. Democrat mayors of America’s biggest cities have completely kowtowed to the Black Lives Matter organization, which has a far different agenda than that of the BLM movement.

Any mayor, whose not a Democrat Spineless Jellyfish, would have let their police force take care of the riots, making sure that those people dispersed before any violence had started. They didn’t.

Worse yet, these Democrat Mayor’s are not only forbidding their Police departments to take action against the rioters. But incredibly they seem more focused on prosecuting those officers who had the audacity to defend themselves from being attacked.

Democrats Are Shocked…SHOCKED I TELL YOU!

But these same Democrat mayors are now outraged that President Trump is sending federal troops to their cities in an effort to quell the violence.

Of course, President Trump would not need to take such drastic measures if these same triggered mayors stop coddling those who want to set everything on fire and/or shoot anyone, not of their ilk.

Democrats Making President Donald Trump Into An American Hero

As outlined in The United States Constitution it is the Government’s duty to defend the life, liberty, property, and inalienable rights of every American.

If these Democrat-run local governments won’t end the rioting, looting, and gun violence, the state comes next.

If the state doesn’t do it, the Federal must!

By their own actions, the Democrats have basically invited President Trump to take care of the violence in any way he chooses.

In essence, these TDS “resistance” fighters have not only invited Our President to personally come to their city and solve their problems, they’re making Donald J. Trump look like a national hero to many Americans for saving them from the Liberal Democrats mob.


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