Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls for “Dismantling” of the US “Economy and Political Systems”

Rep. Ilhan Omar came out with a statement today calling for the “dismantling” of the US “economy and political systems.”

Omar’s outrageous demand goes against the oath she took when she was sworn in as a US Congresswoman, but she says we cannot stop with criminal justice but must ditch the whole system:

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Ads by Revcontent The radical Congresswoman isn’t alone in her desire to “transform” America. Joe Biden just claimed he wants to transform our country.

Biden vowed to “transform” the United States of America over the 4 th of July Holiday Weekend, saying his administration will more than simply “rebuild this nation” should he win the White House. “We’re going to beat Donald Trump. And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it,” said Biden on social media. Is Your Dog Crying for Help with Their Itching?

Robby Starbuck replied, “The people doing the transforming if you were president are violent Marxists who you’d bend your knee to at every turn. We don’t want your transformation, Joe.” @robbystarbuck

“Obama said the same thing in 2008, you don’t get a do-over because you failed after 8 years,” said Jillian Anderson. @Jillie_Alexis

Jenna Ellis tweeted, “Transform = destroy.” This isn’t the first time Biden talked about changing our nation:Key Democrats, including Joe Biden, have made different claims recently that the coronavirus crisis is an “opportunity” for America. It’s hard to believe that anyone would consider a pandemic that has killed thousands of Americans an opportunity for anything. It’s liberal logic to think in terms of politics during such a tragic time.During an appearance on a LULAC virtual town hall, Joe Biden used a line made famous by Obama.He said we could use the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to fundamentally […]

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