Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond Watches Golf During Impeachment Hearing (Video)

Cedric Richmond golf
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Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond (LA) was accused of watching the President’s Cup golf tournament during the Democrats’ impeaching hearing on Thursday night in the House Judiciary Committee.

The incident, noticed by GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest, appears to show Richmond not taking the Democrats’ impeachment hearing seriously as he was clearly focused on the golf tournament.

In the video posted by Guest, Richmond can be seen at the bottom of the screen, right above CNN’s “BREAKING NEWS’ chyron, wearing a light gray suit.

In a second tweet, Guest zoomed in and the video clearly shows, although blurry, that Richmond was watching golf.

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Here’s a video of Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond telling us how important it was to him and to America that President Trump be Impeached…

I assume he meant it came in second on his list of things to do during the Impeachment Hearings.


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