Democrat Super PAC Bash Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Peak of Coronavirus Deaths in US
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A left-wing super PAC group is spending six figures on a series of fradulant ads suggesting President Donald Trump’s golf game distracted from his administration’s Coronavirus response.

American Bridge 21st Century’s ads include memes targeting white working-class areas in Michigan and Pennsylvania, Huffington Post reported Friday. Both states tilted heavily toward the president in 2016, but Democrats believe they are in play come November.

In particular, the ads lambaste Trump for golfing as the virus spread across the globe before landing in the U.S., where it has killed more than 14,000 people.


Of course, American Bridge 21st Century didn’t have the same feelings when then-President Barack Obama refused to cut short his 10-day golfing vacation on Martha’s Vineyard while some 1,600 miles away, 100,000 people in Louisiana were suffering from the worst natural disaster in the United States since Hurricane Sandy.

Obama Golfing On Top Of Flooded Louisiana Car


The Democrats Selective Memory When It Comes To Their Own Coronavirus Response

After President Trump enacted a China Travel Ban on Jan. 31, in an attempt to stop the Coronavirus spreading across America, the Democrats pounced.

Despite, their talking points for weeks the Democrats showed they were less interested in Wuhan China, and more interested in calling President Trump a racist xenophobe and labeling his China travel ban an “overreaction.”

On Feb. 5th, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, showed just how serious the Democrats were taking the Coronavirus threat, when he tweeted and then deleted this little bit of stupidity:

Senator Chuck-Schumer Deleted Coronavirus-Trump racist tweet

Three-weeks after President Trump’s travel ban the Democrats were still proving TDS was far more infectious than Coronavirus.

On Feb. 24th Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi disregarded any threat the Coronavirus posed when she implored San Franciscans to ‘come to visit Chinatown because the city has the COVID-19 virus totally under control’

Other Democrats have gotten away with downplaying the severity of the coronavirus as well.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York City Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot, for instance, took turns telling citizens in February and March that the virus was not a threat.

In early March de Blasio was still claiming that it’s perfectly safe to ride the subways, and New Yorkers should stop worrying and instead go out and enjoy themselves.

De Blasio has since pushed back against his critics, by saying “we shouldn’t look at what happened in the past, instead we should be concentrating on where we’re going’

Of course, de Blasio’s idiocy only pertains to him, because when it comes to President Trump New York’s moronic mayor has spent weeks railing against what he believes is the president’s poor coronavirus response.

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