After an officer-involved shooting near the White House forced the Secret Service to interrupt President Trump’s news conference and move him to a more secure location. Democrat Statagest and Obama ad maker Greg Pinelo wasn’t buying it!

U.S. Secret Service confirmed the shooting, tweeting:

But of course, delusional Democrats like Greg Pinelo have to delusion.

On Greg Pinelo’s Linkedin page he writes that he was a key member of the Obama for America media team in 2008 and again in 2012. 

After President Trump returned to the podium, he informed the press there had been a shooting but had no details outside of that.

But Pinelo wasn’t having any of Trump’s BS.

So he immediately posted a tweet insinuating that Trump staged the whole event as if the Secret Service would gleefully play along with such shenanigans?

Wait. What? The tweet from Greg Pinelo is no longer available?

I assume Greg Pinelo never heard of this new-fangled technology called ‘Screen Grab‘ which allows a person to capture all the Democrat stupidity faster they can hit the delete button

Greg Pinelo Screenshot Trump secret service

“It’s kinda what he does” WTF?

Yea. Yea. You may ask yourself ‘didn’t Pinelo take one second to think ‘Hey, maybe this isn’t such a great idea?’

Of course, the answer, as usual when it comes to delusional Democrats, WAS A BIG FAT NO!

Greg Pinelo probably thought to himself:

Hey, I know… By writing my ‘Not saying Trump did it… But Trump did it!’ I’ll pre-insert my ‘sorry, not sorry’ apology, and that should do it.

Umm, No moron, you’re still a Trump-Hate democrat dimwit!