Democrats Abhorrent Twitter Mob Cheers Robert Trump’s Death With #WrongTrump

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Just when you thought the Democrats abhorrent Twitter mob couldn’t get any more repugnant. They completely obliterate that idea after they started tweeting about Robert Trump’s death using the hashtag #WrongTrump.

As we reported earlier Robert Trump, President Trump’s younger brother, who served as a top executive at the Trump Organization, has died. He was 71.

Robert’s death on Saturday comes a day after President Donald Trump left the White House and rushed to his younger brother’s bedside after he had been hospitalized in New York on Friday.

Using the hashtag #WrongTrump, Shockingly, NOT SHOCKINGLY, not even the sudden death of Donald Trump’s younger brother could stop the Liberal twittering twits from spewing their Trump-Hate venom.

Of course, Twitter sees nothing wrong with #wrongTrump trending, but odds are we probably won’t have to wait too long to see how fast Twitter deletes the hashtag #WrongClinton after Bill bites the dust.

Repugnant #WrongTrump Twitter Mob


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