Articles Of Impeachment

In the House democrats Articles Of Impeachment they are charging President Trump with failing to participate in proceedings that they banned him from participating in.

And yes, that’s as dumb as it sounds.


Democrats spent the past couple of months of accusing President Trump of extorting or bribing Ukraine in exchange for a Biden investigation.

The lack of a bribery article of impeachment shows what a complete load of crap this entire impeachment inquiry has been.

The 2 articles of impeachment they plan on rolling out are not only baseless, but completely unrelated to the original purpose of the impeachment.

Examples of abuse of power would be if a president created laws through executive action, weaponized his cabinet against his political opponents, spied on American citizens without a warrant, committed the U.S. to foreign treaties without Congressional approval, or gave pallets of cash to our enemy. Obama did these things, but all President Trump did was engage in normal foreign policy.

The obstruction of Congress charge is even sillier considering that democrats froze Trump out from defending himself the entire time they conducted their sham impeachment inquiry. He never refused to participate in this farce because he wasn’t invited to. He didn’t ignore a Congressional subpoena, he didn’t refuse to turn over documents, and he didn’t interfere with an investigation in any way.

In fact, Trump was very forthcoming, releasing the transcript of the Ukraine call that democrats based their entire case against him on.


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