Democrats Impeachment S***show Continues As Pelosi Refuses To Se
America thought that tonight's Impeachment vote would mark the end of the House Democrats clown show...Think again as Nancy Pelosi tells America F**k You!

To today’s Democrats, the war on terror apparently doesn’t mean killing terrorists.

Even when the terrorist mastermind taken out was actively planning mass killings of Americans and already had the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands at the time of his demise, as with Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Quds Force.

Somehow, during World War II we never heard members of Congress say what a grinning Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Maryland Democrat, said on Fox News Sunday about killing a top enemy military commander: “You have to look at what the consequences are” of killing Soleimani. “We don’t go around killing all the very bad people in the world.”

We never heard President Franklin Roosevelt’s political opponents complain as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Democrat Chris Murphy of Connecticut did on CBS on Sunday. He condemned the policy of executing “high-level political figures of sovereign nations” such as Soleimani, arguing that it risks U.S. officials being assassinated. Murphy’s preference would have been “more targeted strikes against other Iranian or Iranian proxy assets in the region.”

Contrary to Murphy’s characterization, “political figure” Soleimani, like Heydrich, wasn’t elected to the command of his killing force, or to anything else. But then the Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s “supreme leader,” isn’t elected either. Moreover, Iranian elections are themselves highly suspect.

To Murphy and plenty of other Democrats in Congress, killing terrorist commanders is the work of a disturbed mind. “The moment we all feared is likely upon us,” Murphy tweeted over the weekend. “An unstable president in way over his head, panicking, with all his experienced advisers having quit, and only the sycophantic amateurs remaining. Assassinating foreign leaders, announcing plans to bomb civilians. A nightmare.”

Kind of like the nightmare of Churchill bucking his experienced advisers in supporting Operation Foxley, the British special ops designed to assassinate Hitler, which proved unnecessary.

To the U.S. left, bombs and bullets don’t stop terrorists; pieces of paper do. Obama speechwriter Ben Rhodes, in a beatitude appearing in The Atlantic this week, assures us that the genius of Obama’s Iran nuclear deal was preventing all-out war with the Islamofascist state.


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