Democrats Wish Trump Dies Of COVID Coronavirus

A series of polls conducted after President Donald Trump announced that he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19 only confirmed what Conservatives have long known. The Democrats are who we thought they were.

The ultimate ‘October surprise’ struck early Friday morning when the news of President Trump’s diagnosis reverberated around the country while also throwing the 2020 presidential election contest into total chaos.

But a series of Morning Consult/Politico conducted Friday and Saturday only confirmed what TuskerDaily had reported yesterday.

The polls, which are available here and here, demonstrated just how all-consuming their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has become after they wished death President Trump.

Not surprisingly based on what has been posted on social media 40% of Democrats were “Happy.” over a third were “Exited” upon hearing that President Donald Trump has contracted the coronavirus.

While Declaring Trump A Vile Cold-Hearted Beast…The Democrats Are Who We Thought They Were

Trump COVID Test Poll

The poll results were reflected in what many Democrats’ have been posting on social media.

Ironically, and hypocritically, Democrats, and their mainstream media cohorts defend these egregious comments by claiming ‘these posts only represent ‘a few bad apples’, and not the party as a whole.

Either under threat of suspension by Twitter or simply unable to handle the blowback.

Many, if not all of these Brave and Bold Democrats quickly deleted their reprehensible ‘Death to Trump’ tweets.

Trump Death Tweets

While others, hoping to escape any pushback, scaled back their vitriol just short of wishing for a Trump death.

Instead, they merely hoped that our President “gets sick enough” to laughably teach Donald Trump a lesson caring for anyone unfortunate enough to get infected with this dreaded disease.

As usual, whenever a liberal Democrat does not conform to their groupthink, even one that has been revered for their delusional devotion to the party such as MSNBC’s Racheal Madcow.

The liberal leftist attack:

Twitter Shut’s Down The Mob’s Twittering TDS Twits

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