Democrats Attack Florida Gov. DeSantis After He Introduces New Law That Makes ‘Rioting’ a Felony

distinction between peaceful protesters and rioting
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After Florida Gov. DeSantis proposed a bill that would crackdown on the violent and “disorderly” protests America has seen taking place during the BLM, Antifa led rioting.
Liberal critics insisted that DeSantis’ calling for steep penalties for so-called ‘rioting’ is really a ban on free speech and an attack on American’s First Amendment rights by a “fascist”.

DeSantis introduced the Combating Violence, Disorder, and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act during a Monday press conference.

If passed by the state legislature, would make participation in “disorderly assemblies” a third-degree felony.

The law would mandate minimum six-month sentences for:

The new law defines disorderly assemblies as “when 7 or more persons are involved in an assembly and cause damage to property or injury to other persons.”

DeSantis said in a statement:

“Our right to peacefully assemble is one of our most cherished as Americans, but throughout the country we’ve seen that right being taken advantage of by professional agitators, bent on sowing disorder and causing mayhem in our cities,”

“I will not allow this kind of violence to occur here in Florida.”

Among its more controversial provisions, the legislation will also pull state resources from cities and counties that vote to defund their police departments and establish legal protections for motorists if they accidentally hit somebody while escaping protesters’ wrath.

The Left’s Unhinged Twittering Twits Went To Work

For some strange reason, for which I am unable to comprehend as to why (LOL).

These unhinged liberal loony-toon twittering twit can’t seem to understand that under the First Amendment rioting is not a right guaranteed under our U.S. Constitution?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Nope. Not a single word about “Rioting,” “Looting,” or “Arson”.

Despite our founding fathers’ clear First Amendment verbiage.

The liberal leftist still seems unable to differentiate the difference between ‘people peaceably assembling” and “People Rioting” for some odd reason?

After reading this mental midget’s liberal logic, we just had to respond:

Maybe This Will Help?

In this video Sacramento’s NOT a white Supremacist police chief draws the distinction between peaceful protesters and rioting for the lefts uneducated mental midget’s:

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