Democrats Celebrating Parler Shutdown, May Regret What The Wished For

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The Democrats are celebrating the latest move by Big Tech to purge Conservative voices from the internet after they shut down the free speech social media platform Parler early Monday.

Cries of censorship, as well as liberals gloating, were seen online after the Big Tech Overlords targeted the conservative social media site.

Following Apple and Google’s ban on the conservative social network from their web stores over the weekend.

Amazon suspended Parler from web hosting services, saying that the platform has experienced “a steady increase in this violent content” in the wake of the riot at the US Capitol.

Conservatives reacted to Parler going offline with immediate hostility.

FOX’ Brian Kilmeade said that the development was “scary,” and host Maria Bartiromo called it a “devastating blow to free speech.”

Other Twitter users also lambasted Big Tech’s purge of right-wing politics:

Of course, the leftist mob of Twittering Twits cheered on Parler’s demise, some joking that it’ll force “all the crazies back on Twitter.”

Presumably, so Twitter can then control, shadowban, and/or expunge Conservatives who reject liberal groupthink.

Hey Liberals, After Parler…Guess Whose Next?

But as TuskerDaily reported last week. After watching social media censor Conservatives over the past 4-years.

The ACLU, supposedly the protector of American rights, is suddenly worried about Big Tech’s unchecked power.

While clearly, the ACLU statement had no issue with big tech dictators silencing President Donald Trump and his supporters.

The ACLU warned Democrats that those very same Big-Tech censorship policies could ultimately lead to them being censored as well.

Something Conservatives on Twitter also pointed out to the unhinged mob.

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