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Amid The Ongoing Impeachment Saga In The House And Senate, The Democrats Clueless Caucus ‘Squad‘ Members Spewed That President Trump “Must Step Down.”

“GAO says Trump violated the law,” Omar began, citing the Government Accountability Office report released Thursday, which the Office Management and Budget (OMB) and Department of Defense spokesman Jon Hoffman have disputed.

“A Trump associate said Trump ‘knew exactly what was going on.’ Ukraine is investigating whether he surveilled his own Ambassador. Any other president would have resigned by now,” Omar continued.

Of course, Ilhan Omar forgets that there was no need for President Trump to spy on Ambassador Yovanovitch as Les Parnas claimed because as POTUS he could have fired Yovanovitch at any time since she works at the pleasure of the President.

Omar also forgets that the GAO also found that Obama violated the law as well, but as you know when it comes to the Democrats, feelings are much more important than facts.

Nevertheless Ilhan Omar declared “Donald Trump and all who have been implicated must step down,”:

Omar’s remark coincides with Thursday’s other far-left members of the “Squad” expressed their approval.

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