Democrats Get Green Party Thrown Off 2020 Ballots

In another example of the Democrats doing exactly what they accuse the Republicans of doing, Democratic officials in some battleground swing states were able to successfully get the Green Party Candidate thrown off the 2020 Presidential Election ballots.

So while accusing, but never showing evidence that the Republicans are disfranchising voters, the democrats prove once again they are guilty of voter manipulation.

In 2016, in two key states that President Donald Trump won, his margin of victory was smaller than the total number of votes for Green Party nominee Jill Stein.
In Michigan, Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes, while Stein got 51,463 votes, according to current totals on the state’s official website.
And in Wisconsin, Trump’s margin over Clinton was 22,177, while Stein garnered 31,006 votes.
Fearing a repeat of similar results in 2020, on Monday, the Democrats successfully argued to the Supreme Courts of Wisconsin and Montana to strike Green Party’s nominee Howie Hawkins’ presence from the November election. In both instances, court officials linked to the Democratic Party were responsible.

In the 2016 presidential election, Stein’s Pennsylvania total of 49,485 votes was just slightly smaller than Trump’s victory margin of 67,416 votes, according to the state’s latest numbers.

This is why in Philadelphia, the Democrats are currently engaged in a legal battle with the Green Party to try and prevent Hawkins from appearing on the ballots there. The left’s efforts have resulted in Pennsylvania’s statewide mail-in voting being put on hold.

I can almost guarantee you within weeks the Democrats will accuse the Republicans of being responsible for the delay in the mail-in ballots being sent out.

Of course, the mainstream media will do nothing to push back against the Democrats’ ‘feelings aren’t facts‘ accusations.


Democrats Destroying Any Semblance of Democracy

The Democrats’ simultaneous attempts to stop the Green Party’s presidential campaign in different battleground states have led many to call out the Democrats’ coordinated effort to “destroy any semblance of democracy” in America.

Of course, this is the exact same thing that the Democrats accuse the Republicans of doing while never once presenting any shred of evidence to back up their idiocy.

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