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As we reported yesterday tensions between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were high from the outset as the six Democrats took to the stage in Des Moines for the final debate hosted by CNN before the Iowa Caucus.

Over the weekend a talking points memo from Bernie Sanders’ volunteers leaked, encouraging his supporters to slam Pocahontas for her disparaging their beloved Bernie.

On Monday, CNN took Warren’s side by reporting that Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in a private meeting he didn’t believe a woman could win the election.

As the Democratic debate kicked off CNN moderator Abby Phillip wasted no time getting to the controversy, and she didn’t hide the fact that CNN sided with team Warren.

After Abby Phillip ignored hearing Bernie Sanders deny that he said a woman can’t become President in 2020, she asked Pocahontas:

“Sen. Warren, what did you think when Sen. Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?” she asked Warren, as the audience and Sanders laughed.

As the debate dragged on, other CNN moderators hammered Sanders for his Medicare For All plan, suggesting it would “bankrupt the country,” despite not mentioning Elizabeth Warren’s even more exorbitant price tag for her ‘Free, NOT Free’ healthcare plan, or her fictitious claim that middle-class Americans taxes will not increase.

Anchor Wolf Blitzer also compared Sanders’ proposal to bring home American troops to appeasing Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In a post-debate recap, CNN declared Elizabeth Warren a “winner,” and Bernie Sanders a “loser.”

With that, Bernie Sanders’ supporters were furious and took to Twitter to vent about CNN’s all-too apparent one-sidedness.

Trump-supporting Republicans joined in on the mobs beat down of CNN by reminding liberal Democrats that they’ve been saying the same thing since 2016.


The controversy only continued at the closing of the debate, with Sanders and Warren sharing a terse conversation after Warren threw shade at Bernie by refusing to shake Sanders’ outstretched hand.

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