Joe Biden The Human Gaffe Machine

The Democrats are already lining up excuses for losing the 2020 election, blaming a Russian “disinformation” campaign for the flailing campaign of Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.


As Joe Biden, the once solid favorite in Democrat primary polls, continues to tank, the Democrats are now pushing the usual suspects to pin his fall from grace on the Kremlin, and not Biden’s own mouth, problematic family members, or uninspiring policies.

Even CNN, despite being on the DNC payroll, tore into Biden after he lied about his early and enthusiastic support for the Iraq war.

But the Democrats want voters to ignore the Human Gaffe machine’s’ many stumbling’s and bumbling’s and instead believe the voters growing disillusionment with their supposed moderate Democratic centrist was derailed by Kremlin propaganda.

US intelligence and law enforcement officials” are already probing whether Biden is the target of a Russian “disinformation” campaign, according to two anonymous officials who spoke to Bloomberg on Friday.

Putting aside the insult of telling voters who dislike Biden that their opinions are not their own, the claim – unsupported by evidence in the manner of most ‘Russian meddling’ allegations – suggests that Democrats are already bracing for the loss of the 2020 election and rushing to get their ‘why we lost’ narrative in place to explain away a second Trump victory.

Bloomberg’s breathless report blames Russia for promoting Biden’s own Ukrainian scandal while Trump was being impeached over allegedly withholding military aid to pressure Kiev into restarting a probe of the natural gas firm where Biden’s son was a director.

Yet the much more solid quid-pro-quo case against Biden – who publicly bragged about bullying Ukraine into firing its chief prosecutor by withholding $1 billion in IMF loan guarantees – went largely ignored in the mainstream media, except for conservative outlets.

This is hardly “disinformation,” unless Bloomberg is using the liberal Newspeak definition floated in a recent academic paper that includes “truths arranged to serve a particular purpose.

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