Democrats Screech ‘RINO Romney Is A Backstabber’ After Saying He’ll Vote On Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Mitt Romney RINO Backstabber
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How quicky Liberal Democrats forget cheering on Mitt Romney during the Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, after the Republican Senator from Utah did all he could do to live up to his ‘RINO Romney’ moniker.

Following up on his ‘Republican In Name Only’ Kavanaugh theatrics, Romney gave an encore performance during the Democrats impeachment hoax trial of President Donald Trump.

While President Trump was ultimately, and rightfully acquitted on both articles of impeachment. Mitt Romney became infamous for being the only Republican to vote to convict President Trump on the Democrats laughable abuse of power allegation.

Since both events, Romney has drawn praise from Democrats and their social media mob, and, of course, the countinued ire of Republicans.

But the one-time liberal darling is now being condemned after issuing a statement vowing his commitment to moving forward with the process to confirm the yet to be named SCOTUS successor to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Rino Romney followed up his statement by twisting the knife a little more in the backs of his once beloved liberal loony-toon fanbase, when he put on an impromptu news conference:

While the liberals are now howling at supposedly being betrayed by Romney, they fail to understand the one thing that most Republicans learned all too well…What Mitt Romney says today, isn’t what he’ll say tomarrow.

RINO Romney is the epitome of a backstabbing traitor, who is just as likely to steal a baby’s lollipop than he is to kiss them.

If you look up the word ‘Back-stabber’ odds are a picture of this spinless RINO jellyfish should be prominately displayed.

But of course, liberals have been counting so heavily on Mitt Romney since he sloshed his way back into the swamp that they’re now having a rough time dealing with what Republicans had know for years.

The Democrats Twittering Twits Are Both Shocked & Outrage That RINO Romney Is A Backstabbing Traitor.


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