Democrats Set To Launch Black Farmers Reparations If They Gain Control Of Senate

Justice for Black Farmers Act
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Democrat Senators hoping to win the two Georgia runoff elections and gain control of the Senate are touting a new reparations bill that would spend billions of taxpayer dollars to purchase and give away national farmland to Black Americans for free.

Democrats Cory Booker (Sparticus), Kirsten Gillibrand (The Great Albino), and Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas) are sponsoring the Justice for Black Farmers Act. Wich seems likely to be the most wide-ranging affirmative action program the Democrats ever enacted if it’s signed into law.

And despite these three simpleminded socialist attempts to not say the word.

It would not be inaccurate to call the Democrats’ latest redistribution, ‘America is racist,’ legislative idiocy, a reparations bill.

The law establishes preferences for Black Americans within the Department of Agriculture policy. Blacks would be granted free land purchased by the federal government, in total increments that on its face adds up to 8 billion dollars a year.

An undersecretary of a USDA “Equitable Land Access Service” would be entrusted with purchasing(using taxpayer funds) and redistributing land. The reparation bill appropriates for a massive 20,000 grants annually over ten years, adding up to a total redistribution package of $80 billion.

The under-secretary would be commissioned to “(1) purchase from willing sellers, at a price not greater than fair market value, available agricultural land in the United States; and (2) subject to section 205, convey grants of that land to eligible Black individuals at no cost to the eligible Black individuals.

If the bill redistributes 160 acres per grant, it would ultimately end up transferring 1.6% of the total land in the continental United States for free.

Democrats cite a decline in the numbers of black farmers since the 1920s as an impetus for the bill, pointing out that there were 1 million black farmers in 1920 and 50,000 today.

Such logic ignores that the number of American farmers broadly has declined sharply as the United States transitioned to an industrial economy and that millions of Black Americans who worked under poor conditions as sharecroppers in the American South have long since moved to northern cities.

The bill is somewhat similar to South African racial land redistribution policies, which differ primarily in that they forcibly nationalized land owned by Afrikaner farmers and redistributed them to South African Blacks.

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