Minneapolis City Council is now considering getting rid of its police department entirely, and they are touting Camden New Jersey, as a blueprint for success in their #DefundThePolice campaign.

Since the horrific death of George Floyd Democrats were outraged that they lost their talking points, since every Republican, including to the shock of many liberals, President Donald Trump, were just as outraged as after seeing that horrifying video.

Instead of the left getting to bash those racist unfeeling right-wingers as they were able to do previously in 2014 during their ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Michael Brown / Ferguson riots.

Michael Brown was a thug, who just committed a robbery and tried grabbing for the officer’s gun. So, while tragic, the bottom line is it was Michael Brown who put the pieces in play that eventually would lead to his own demise. 

George Floyd did not do anything that warranted him losing his life in such a gruesome, cold-blooded manner.

Originally, the Black community, and rightfully so, wanted justice for George Floyd’s murder, and to the shock of liberals everywhere, once again Republicans agreed.

Despite the four officers involved being fired immediately, the black community started protest immediately, calling for the arrest of Derek Chauvin.

And just days later they saw that demand come to fruition when Derek Chauvin was arrested, and charged with 3rd-degree murder, and manslaughter.

Since not a word of disagreement came from the right, the protesters, as we’ve become accustomed too with Democrats, move the goalposts.

The new goal line was that ALL four officers should have been charged. And to the chagrin of leftists everywhere, Republicans agreed.

Yes, while it was the knee of Derek Chauvin that stuck the death blow, the three others were just as guilty for not only allowing him to do it.

But now that all four have been charged with murder within days of their heinous act, combined with Minnesota attorney general upgrading Chauvin’s charges this week to 2nd-degree murder.

This placed the liberal in a precarious situation.

How can they possibly continue the destructive, looting, arson and rioting protests?

Popping out of nowhere came their new goalpost… #DefundThePolice.

‘Defund The Police’ being pushed by leftist activist groups such as Black Lives Matter and of course, their far-left social media mob. Plus already having received the blessings from the Democrats far-left Squad member Rashida Tlaib. 

13 Minneapolis councilors – twelve Democrats and one Green – are now starting to warm up to the proposal.

In 2012 Camden N.J. had thoroughly earned their reputation as one of the most dangerous in the country. and the calls went out to Defund The Police.

And that’s exactly what Camden N.J. did. 

That year Camden’s Democrat leaders decided to dismantle the 184-year-old Police Department and replace it with a more progressive community-based police force.

After an initial three-year spike, crime did in fact go down… 

That is if you can call it going down.

#DefundThePolice Works…Umm, Not Quite

The left is now all over twitter crying that since 2010, the city has had a roughly 41% reduction among the seven major categories — murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, and larceny.

And this is all 100% true.

Except, once you use something we on the right call Google, and then read past the headlines. Their leftist narrative starts falling apart.

In 2019, even though Camden had a roughly 41% reduction in crime, out of New Jersey’s 244 cities, where does Camden rank in crime?

Worst, coming in at #244.

Basically what thew left is touting as a success is seeing Camden’s crime rate going from four horsemen of the apocalypse to now just Mad Max beyond Thunderdome levels.

Now I know this may come as a shock to many of you. 

But the left in proclaiming Camden their poster child for #DefundthePolice, they failed to mention that one detail that blows apart their idiocy.

From when they disbanded the old police force in 2012…Camden doubled the number of officers on the street.

Camden County Police Chief Joe Wysocki crowing about the reduction in crime over the past 8-years told TAPinto Camden

“As far as the change that has taken place, the number one difference is resources. 

Cops count and police matter, so by almost doubling the number of officers on the street that has given us a much larger footprint to focus on community engagement and creating a dialogue with residents that has been missing for decades in the city.”

So the left wants you to believe that it was the defunding of the old Police Department and replacing it with a more touchy-feely Police force that caused the 41% drop in crime. AND NOT twice as many cops on the streets?

2019 New Jersey’s Bottom Five 


Violent Crime

(per 1,000)

Property Crime

(per 1,000)

243Asbury Park15,71711.141.5


Top three cities with the lowest Crime Rates in New Jersey

51River Vale Township10,1570.12.4
53Cranford Township27,6840.12.7