Democrats Using Coronavirus As Excuse To Attack Christianity

Democrats government officials using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to declare religious services as ‘non-essential’ is not only unconstitutional, but also beyond the rightful role of government.

In late March, New York City’s Liberal Progressive Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered the “voluntary” and immediate closing of all houses of worship or he threatened he would order them to be closed… permanently.

Just three days before Easter. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer threatened churchgoers that if they attempted to meet in cars for a “drive-in” service. They would be met by Gestapo-like police officers who would be there “to record license plates of all vehicles in attendance.”

Even as almost all religious leaders have cooperated with local government mandates, and the vast majority of religious assemblies have been suspended due to the urgency of the Coronavirus crisis.

Some government leaders have evidently decided that they still needed to threaten government retaliation against churches and individual Christians.

At least that was the left-wings plan, until U.S. District Court Judge Justin R. Walker issued a temporary restraining order the day before Easter, declaring: “On Holy Thursday, an American mayor criminalized the communal celebration of Easter.”

Sadly, de Blasio and Fischer’s liberal logic idiocy weren’t alone.

Kentucky’s governor, Andy Beshear, also a Democrat, stopped short of disallowing drive-in services but warned against them.

Earlier in the pandemic, Beshear pleaded for faith leaders to “do the right thing.” When he they didn’t he called out churches who were not following the social distancing guidelines and then threatened action against the few who haven’t been complying.

But as the COVID-19 virus runs its course, a clear left-wing pattern has been emerging, and it should set off alarm bells all across America.

  • Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak tweeted on April 8 that drive-in services would not be allowed, threatening retaliation for those daring to oppose his order.
  • In Mendocino County, California, the public health authorities mandated that churches streaming their services by video could include no singing.

In case after case, despite most churches obeying and respecting generally applicable “do not assemble” orders they’re still being subjected to patently unconstitutional threats by government officials.

As Judge Walker rightly stated in his ruling, such threats from public officials are not only “stunning” and unconstitutional. He also noted that these threats undermine the credibility of government officials.

But what’s really damaging government officials credibility is when imbecilic Democrat Governors such as Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, list what items their leftist ideology considers “Essential” and “Non-Essential”.

Whitmer classified everything from religious gatherings, to the buying American Flags to going to the store to purchase garden seeds as “Non-Essential” items.

But in many Democratic mental midget liberal logic minds, they simply cannot fathom a reason to ban residents from going to the store to purchase Liquor and/or Lottery tickets.

As Judge Walker observed, “if beer is ‘essential,’ so is Easter.” 

Declaring religious services to be “non-essential” is beyond the rightful role of government.

If Democrats want to appear non-political they would be wise to issue policies limiting or banning assemblies for ALL Groups.

Of course, that would mean that if drive-in worship services are banned, so too must be a drive-up liquor store.

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