Dems Keep Moving Coronavirus Goalpost For Opening America

Democrats Moving Goalposts
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Democrats who were for keeping America’s economy open, before they were against it. Are now doing what they do best…Moving the Coronavirus goalpost to reopen America.

Despite, the fake news media regurgitating the Democrats talking points that claim President Trump acted to slow to hanging a “We’re Closed” sign on the Statue Of Liberty.

It was the Democrats, in the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, that were running around claiming ‘Nothing to see…Move along.’

Just days after President Trump sent China his ‘Sorry, not sorry, you’re banned,’ memo.

Democrat Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer tweeted, then deleted, this little bit of idiocy, which of course, the mainstream media have never called him out on.

Senator Chuck-Schumer Deleted Coronavirus-Trump racist tweet

Don’t Be A Racist Xenophobe Like Trump

Nearly a month after President Trump’s China ban, on Feb 24th. Democrats like their stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was telling San Franciscans:

‘Don’t be a racist xenophobe like Trump. Come To Chinatown and party. It’s perfectly safe. San Fran has the coronavirus completely under control.

My Lord, on March 5th, NYC’s Moronic Mayor, Bill de Blasio was encouraging New Yorkers to go to the movies, ride the subways, and go about your partying ways, assuring city dwellers that the Big Apple was ‘completely safe’.

But On March 11th, The World Health Organization (WHO) finally stopped being China’s propaganda spewing bitch and declared a Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic.

This made the Democrats immediately turn to their ‘Blame it on Trump‘ playbook.

  • Step #1 – Tell their MSM ‘Orange Man Bad’ accomplices to start spewing ‘Trump acted too slow’
  • Step #2 – Claim we only want to save American lives from that evil Dictator Trump opening America too early.
  • Step #3 – Set up the Democrats infamous ‘Moving Goalpost’ for when America should reopen.

After hearing the first CDC projecting 100k to 240k Americans dying from the coronavirus.

The Democrats screamed ‘We must listen to the data and wait until America “Flattens the Curve.”‘

But due to President Trump’s leadership, and Americans going all-in on social distancing, and hand washing, and other mitigation tactics. 

The CDC’s updated its coronavirus death toll, by lowering its projection to 85,000.

Yes, 85,000 Americans dying of COVID-19 is, and shall ever be, a horrific number.

But it could have been much worse if President Trump was as incompetent as the Democrats, and their fake news media cohorts have been regurgitating for the past three+ years.

Time To Move The Coronavirus Goalpost

Outraged over the good/bad coronavirus death toll news, the Democrats quickly moved their America reopening goalpost. 

Democratic leaders now started spewing ‘Donald Trump’s ‘Merica shouldn’t reopen its economy until we have an adequate medical stockpile all ready to go the fight the inevitable spike.’

But during his daily White House press briefings, all the numbers President Trump documented seemed a bit brighter than the day before.

Day after day President Trump rattled off not only the Coronavirus victim data from the previous 24-hours. He also listed what our nation’s quickly expanding medical supply stockpile had on hand.

With millions of N95 face masks, PPE, and Coronavirus test kits being churned out daily due to America’s manufacturing engine now running on all cylinders.

Coupled with President Trump announcing that feds having nearly 10,000 ventilators all ready to go if needed.

Antsy American started looking forward to getting back to work and returning to a somewhat more normal life.

Hearing Americans asking “when” irritated Congressional Democrats as much as when hearing these ingrates demanding to spend the money they’ve earn on what they wanted.

So the Democrats did what they do best… They moved the goalposts, AGAIN.

Time To Move The Coronavirus Goalpost…AGAIN

Like playing some sick twisted version of ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ to reopen America the Democrats stuck with their first three letters but for that fourth they told Pat Sajak they’ve changed their minds and instead of an “A” they demanded an “E”.

That’s right, the Democrats revisionist historians now cried ‘How dare you! We never said anything about ‘Data” we clearly said ‘Date’.

Many Democrats started screeching that liberal logic clearly stated June 1st as the target date. No, not to hang a “We’re Open’ sign, but merely just to start talking about when we should hammer in the nail to hang it.

But due to massive protests, such as the one we reported on last week that targeted the Democrats dimwitted Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The Democrats ground crew sprinted onto the field, and seemingly overnight, moved the goalpost, AGAIN.

After dropping their Data, and Date BS, the new goalpost was quickly replanted at the ‘How many COVID-19 tests are being done daily’ line.

Democrats and their dimwitted tag team news media partner now cried:

‘Trump needs to stop inciting violence by demanding Governors reopen their states because we need more Coronavirus testing’.

Of course, The Democrats never told America what that number was. But some of the media’s ‘anonymous sources’ claimed ‘500,000 tests a day’ was the magic number.

Hmm, I suspect that 500,000 target wasn’t to reopen America, but was actually a signal for their Democrats ground crew to come sprinting back onto the field.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Benson, who clearly at some point stopped drinking the Democrats Kool-Aid.

Asked the dishonest Hate-America Democrats ‘500,000? Why not one hundred eleventy Quadrillion?”

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