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Last week, a desperate mother asked social media to pray for her daughter Molly who had been rushed into emergency surgery after suffering a life-threatening brain injury, some gutter trash Twitter users just couldn’t help themselves

While I have not confirmed her identity, based upon days of updating her daughter’s plight.

I’m confident enough to take a leap of faith and believe @KayEllen17 is Molly’s mother. 

First, Let Me Apologize

I made a grievous mistake in my original story when I conflated Molly’s story to one I had been doing on a multicar crash on Thursday night involving Kansas City Chiefs outside linebackers coach Britt Reid, that has left a 5-year-old child with life-threatening injuries.

I’m not defending my utterly failing to do my normal due diligence. I’m only explaining how I made such a horrific mistake.

While researching the “Britt Reid‘ Molly’s story, for whatever reason, was included in my Twitter search.

By no means am I blaming Twitter? My anger at seeing Twitter users questions the validity of Molly’s mother made me carelessly jumped to a conclusion that the two stories were linked.

Since the Britt Reid accident occurred on Thursday night and knowing the child had sustained life-threatening injuries.

When Twitter placed the tweet below on the same timeline my anger overrode my due diligence and I simply, and reprehensibly merged both stories into one.

Thankfully a Twitter user who wanted to remain anonymous discovered my error immediately, and I’m grateful he contacted me so quickly.

This allowed me to delete the original story and provided me with an opportunity to apologize for my error.

My Original Gutter Trash Twitter Story Remains Valid

Despite my mistake in making a connection that wasn’t factual, my original story remained well-founded since the premise of the article was ironically enough the very same mistake I had just made.

The original version of this story had less to do with Britt Reid’s car accident and more to do with how Twitter users, based on nothing but ‘feelings’, callously challenging @KayeEllen17’s honesty about her being Molly’s mother.

While one could argue, that it’s quite logical for a person to question @KayeEllen17’s identity.

It’s something far different to tweet out your suspicions without the slightest evidence to back up your accusation.

But after @KayEllen17 posted her tweet asking for prayers for her daughter’s survival.

Some gutter trash Twitter trolls somehow knowing they would never think about tweeting if their daughter had been clinging to life concluded that if they would never do it…

Then by God, @KayeEllen17 is a lying fraud looking for Twitter likes!

Of course, if these twittering twits logic had been based in reality. Then the mother stabbing her 5 children to death that TuskerDaily reported last week, must not have happened because…


Needless to say, these simpleminded social media trolls simply can’t envision a world where someone thinks and/or acts differently outside of their groupthink box.

Groupthink Gutter Trash Twitter Trolls

To my utter shock and dismay, after reading a few of these “Who does such a thing?” twitter repudiations.

I can only surmise there must be a “how to act in an emergency” playbook that I’m not aware of yet?

I guess my manual was lost in the mail? Damn you to hell USPS.

But the funny thing is, roughly 20-years-ago I rescued a woman after pulling her out of a burning car. 

As I told my story to friends and family they were stunned when I said:

“As I ran toward the car, the could see the flames shooting out from under the hood, and she was just sitting there like she was waiting for a traffic light to turn green”

But since my enlightenment about a ‘How To Act in an emergency’ guideline.

I guess I should have let this poor woman die because she wasn’t screaming or attempting to escape the fiery death that awaited her as I assume it states in Twitter’s official ‘How Humans Should React” field manual?

Despite some Twitter users thinking logically, or possibly the USPS also losing their guidebook?

Some Twitter users attempted to enlighten these mentally challenged morons to the possibility that emotional vagabonds do exists outside of their little groupthink creation.

But evidently, these mental midgets were unable to grasp the concept that not all humans act a certain way.


How Would You Know When Never Having Been There?

What I find more fascinating is every person who was lecturing KayeEllen17 on the proper ‘How To Act” etiquette has never once had a child facing such dire circumstances.

I can confidently say that because they would have undoubtedly started off their lecture with, “When my child…

So, while many of these trolls 100% believe THEY KNOW what they’ll if they were facing similarly dire circumstances.

The fact remains until you come face to face with it, one never truly never knows how you’ll react. 

Sure, after years of watching the Avengers, or Indiana Jones, they’re absolutely convinced that without a moment’s hesitation, they’ll heroically jump into the fray and save the day.

But as I’ve discovered that’s not always the case.

Having had more than my fair share of being involved in dire situations.

The only thing I can say for certainty is ‘I’ll always run toward danger, no matter how insane it may seem to others’.

But until that first time, I heard a woman scream, no matter how much I believed it was true, I still had no clue if I would…

  • Just dial 911 and wait for the Police?
  • Call 911 while running toward the scream?
  • Simply ignore it and say “I’m not getting involved”

In case you’re wondering. No matter how many times after the fact I tell myself to do it, I run straight toward the danger while always forgetting to dial 911.

Once again, some Twitter users tried to educate the uneducated that because you believe you’ll act a certain way, it doesn’t mean EVERYONE must do likewise.


Molly’s Condition Updated

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