Did A Military Band Serenade Trump By Playing ‘Hit the Road Jack’ Outside The White House?

White House Military Band Playing Hit the road jack
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The unhinged Liberal Twitter getting duped by a ‘Hit the Road Jack’ tweet isn’t earth-shattering news since they still get bamboozled by one of Babylon Bee’s parodies.

Today, former NBA player Rex Chapman was just one of the numerous leftists who fell for and shared a doctored video of the White House band supposedly serenading Trump with the song ‘Hit the Road Jack’ ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“Perfect. Trump’s last day. The Military Band right outside the White House – ‘Hit The Road Jack,’” Chapman, who has racked up a history of tweeting out misleading information, wrote on Tuesday evening about the song, made famous by Ray Charles in 1962.

Over 25,000 of Chapman’s dimwitted Democrat followers shared his Hit the Road Jack tweet.

What Will These La La Land Liberals Tweet About Once Trump is Gone? 

Other La La Land Liberals who routinely spew their imbecilic opinion in their sad belief that they’re somehow smarter than every other American, joined in on spreading Chapman’s idiocy.

The ‘We believe anything as long as it Trump-Hate’ mob included ‘Jo Jo Rabbit’ director Taika Waititi and ‘Back to the Future’ star Lea Thompson.

Ironically, CNN’s ‘Dear Diary‘ Jim Acosta provided the proof that the video was doctored.

Of course, he didn’t mean to do it.

Hilariously, Twitter’s crack team of fact-checkers has yet to slap the video with a manipulated media disclaimer.

A warning that Twitter’s loony-toon liberal programmers immediately slapped on numerous videos and tweets shared by President Donald Trump.

Of course, before Trump was booted off the platform, and Twitter launched their ‘Great Conservative Purge


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