Walt Disney Co. has reportedly joined corporate America’s rush toward critical race theory, teaching staff that America is rooted in “systemic racism” and that all white employees must show special deference to their black colleagues.

Disney training materials obtained by journalist Christopher Rufo include a program called “Reimagine Tomorrow,” which features instruction on “microaggressions,” “white fragility” and “allyship.”

It refers to America’s “long history of systemic racism and transphobia” and calls for creating “equality of the outcome,” rather than equal treatment and equal opportunity.

White employees, who are asked to complete a “white privilege checklist,” are taught to squash any suggestion that accusations against them might be false.

The training materials state:

“Examine and work through feelings of guilt, shame and defensiveness to understand what is beneath them and what needs to heal,” 


Disney Wokest Place On Earth

Disney also instructs white employees to promote the skills and qualities of their black colleagues when those colleagues aren’t present “to provide visibility and sponsorship.” 

Staffers also are told to “learn what to say and what not to say” to their black co-workers. They’re also advised to automatically give “validation” if a colleague shares an experience.

“Do not question or debate black colleagues’ lived experience,” the guide says, including any suggestion that a particular comment or action wasn’t race-based.

Of Course, Disney Proves They’re Nothing But Racists Hypocrites

Despite, bending the knee, as TuskerDaily reported back in 2015, Disney has already proven they’re nothing but a bunch of racists hypocrites.

When promoting their God-awful “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movies in America, they used the poster on the left.

But since China is a racist country that hates black people.

Disney, the worst place on Earth sent John Boyega’s lightsaber-wielding character to the back of the bus.

Disney US Star Wars Force Awakens John Boyega PosterDisney China Star Wars Force Awakens John Boyega Poster


As TuskerDaily also reported. Besides sending blacks to the back of the bus, Disney who claims to champion ‘Strong Female Charachters’ forgot to mention “only as long as they know their role’.

Because as TuskerDaily reported back in March, Disney CEO Bob Chapek speaking at a shareholder’s meeting said Lucasfilm‘s recent firing of popular actress Gina Carano is in line with his company’s mission to employ those with “values of respect, values of decency, values of integrity, and values of inclusion.”

Just to prove Disney’s double standard, when Mandolorian’s co-star Pedro Pascal tweeted his poor Holocaust analogy.

Bob Chapek conveniently ignored his lack of “values of respect, values of decency, values of integrity, and values of inclusion.”


  1. Walt must be rolling in his grave … never would he have thought that a bunch of Commies would run his Magic Kindoms into the Ground !
    How did a bunch of Liberal TRASH get control of Disney Land and Disney World ?
    People need to boycott these places forever !

  2. i totally agree Disney has forgottened who there were,My question is who is hirering the crazy commie leftest,Eventually America will wake up then the Disney bottom line will take a hit,Their TV shows are terrible and stuffed with too many commercials,So for the Commies running Disney, they sure love the capitalist way of making money

  3. Most people don’t realize the crazy tv commercials are made by forieners hired by Disney.So much for Disney loving America,Let them move to China and see the the shit the’ll get away with there


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