DNC Joyously Posts 23 Fake News Media Tweets Ripping Trump

DNC posts fake news media tweets
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The mainstream media (MSM) has been regurgitating DNc talking points for over three years as if they were the Democratic National Committee’s paid public relations department.

This time, however, the DNC repaid their fake news media cohorts for all the hard work they’ve done on the Democrats behalf.

In a post titled: “Trump Turns Another Briefing Into A Campaign Rally” the DNC war room posted 23 tweets from “prominent,” if one could call them that, reporters from the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Al-Jazeera, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and others.

Here are a few examples from the DNC’s asinine post:

NPR’s Domenico Montanaro tweeted, “Saturday’s briefing brought to you by Trump’s Greatest Hits, including complaining about a broken system, touting that the federal government has done everything perfectly (‘We didn’t miss a trick’) and complaining about the test. News? Not so much.”

“The president is, again, saying stuff,” added CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale.

Of course, John Haltiwanger ignores the fact that President Trump prefaces his remarks with such statements as:

  • ‘Even one death is too much and I will always consider every single death as tragic.’
  • ‘Giving these briefings every day are the worst moments in my life.’
  • ‘America is fighting a war against an unseen enemy.’

Somehow Haltiwanger still claimed, “Trump is desperate to downplay the crisis and falsely claim success against the virus, so he deemphasized the many Americans who have lost their lives.”

Umm, sorry moron. Trump was simply acknowledging the great work of those in the Coronavirus task force, and the American people as evidenced by the low number of victims when compared to the CDC’s original prediction of 100k to 240k Coronavirus deaths.

Vox’s Aaron Rupar: “The US has the most coronavirus deaths in the world, but Trump begins the April 18 #TrumpPressConf by claiming America ‘has produced better health outcomes than any other country, with the possible exception of Germany.’”

Of course, Rupar ignores the fact that China lied about their numbers, and Italy while reporting 20,000 deaths compared to America’s 40,000.

Despite the US total having twice as many deaths, Italy has a population of only 60 million people compared to the United States 330 million, which is 5.5 times larger.

Fake News Media Interrupting President Trump’s White House Coronavirus Press Briefings

Here is an example of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell cutting in on President Trump’s April 18th Coronavirus press briefing to do her best Joe Biden impersonation.

Watch Andrea Mitchel stumbling and bumbling as she tries to regurgitating the DNC’s moronic disinformation campaign against President Trump.

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