Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell appears to be tiring of the partisan attacks coming from the Democrats House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Grenell’s irritation is evidenced by his backhand dismissal of the egregious lying California Democrat after Schiffty’s latest political stunt.

Since Grenell was appointed to Acting DNI Director in February by President Donald Trump which Adam Schiff apparently needs to be reminded that without question, it is a lawful appointment.

Schiff has repeatedly complained about moves the DNI has made without seeking his partisan Democrats approval.

For example, Schiff blasted Grenell last month for making several personnel changes, “without consulting and seeking authorization from Congress in a manner that undermines critical intelligence functions.”

Of course, Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell does not need to bend the knee to Adam Schiff or any other dimwitted Democrat.

But Schiff was especially miffed that President Trump fired former Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson.

Schiff is understandably upset since Atkinson’s hand-delivered to him a fraudulent whistleblower complaint based on second-hand information.

Which the Democrats dimwitted dynamic duo of Nancy Pelosi and Schiffty pounced on and used as exhibit #1 to start their Trump impeachment hoax.

Adam Schiff has long been suspected of being CNN’s go-to guy when it comes to leaking classified information.

Which was confirmed after Grenell noted, the letter from Schiff was hysterically published by the fake news media before even he received it.

Grenell responded to Shiff’s complaint by reminding the bug-eyed congressman about the separation of powers between the Executive and Legislative Branches.

Which, for Grenell was a polite way of telling California’s spineless Jellyfish CVongrssman to F**k-Off, he doesn’t need, nor want Adam Schiff’s approval.

Of course, all of Adam Schiff’s sunken in chest-thumping is due to Grenell forcing Schiffty to keep to his promised release of the transcripts of 53 secret witnesses.

These witnesses provided testimony during the Trump impeachment hoax hearings that the slimy California Dem literally held in the basement of the U.S. Capitol Building.

To be fair, hearing the testimony in the dank nether regions of the Capital’s basement probably made Adam Schiff feel quite at home.

The committee voted in September 2018 to release the transcripts from the the behind-closed-doors testimony.

As we now know had Obama administration officials admitting under oath of never having seen any evidence that Donald Trump, nor anyone in his administration, colluded with Russia.

This is, of course, why after the mid-term elections when the Democrats took control of the House. Adam Schiff, who replaced Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) as chairman, refused to release them.

After Grenell told Schiff in no uncertain terms, ‘either you do it, or I will’ Schiffty relented and released all the transcripts.

Grenell more recently, once again, took out his whippin’ stick and poked the Democrats bear right in the eye.

After forcing Adam Schiff’s hand and getting the transcripts released. Grenell then declassified and released the names of every Obama-era official who requested the unmasking of American, General Michael Flynn.

Now the only question remaining is which Obama operative leaked the name to the Washington Post. Despite his name not appearing on the list, my money is still on the sieve-like Adam Schiff.

Tusker Daily can only hope that Richard Grenell now declassify’s and releases the unmasking requests for each of these egregious Democrats.

Along with the request, the person must provide the reason why he/she are making the request.

It’ll be interesting to see Samantha Powell made 7 requests, or why Joe Biden made his just days before leaving office. Or why the Ambassador to Italy was in need of finding out which American was talking to Russia’s UN Ambassador Kislyak?

Richard Grenell Now Makes It A Question Of Not “If” But “When”?

After years of having that mealy-mouth dwarf Jeff Session as the U.S. Attorney General. And RINOs like Inspector General Michael Atkinson giving reach-arounds to Schiff and the Democrats.

President Trump cleaned house by sending Jeff Sessions back to his Keebler tree house, appointing William Barr as his replacement. 

Kicking DNI Director Joseph Maguire’s RINO #NeverTrump ass to the curb and replacing him with Grenell.

Combined with AG Bill Barr tapping Prosecutor John Dunham to lead the investigation into how the Democrats whole Russian Collusion Delusion debauchery got started.

America is finally on the road to pulling back the curtain on the Democrats’ attempted coup of our duly elected President.

Now the only question remaining is… 

Will there be enough time to expose the Democrats’ atrocious behavior before the November 2020 election? 


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